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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 6. Dairy Farmer

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 6. Dairy Farmer

BLS National Salary Median: $60,750
Projected Job Growth: -8%
Jobs Rated Score: 976

A dairy farmer provides a necessary service to food consumers, but the work is especially challenging. Larger farms streamline production, which forces smaller farms out of business and results in an anticipated 8% decline in the profession by 2020.

Those remaining in the field are tasked with caring for dozens, hundreds, even thousands of animals. All those cows can make for a physically unpleasant and possibly dangerous work environment.

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I too have worked on a Dairy

I too have worked on a Dairy Farm for a period of time in my life, and all I can say about it is that "Don't b*tch with your mouth full"Yes, it was hard work, long days in the summer time, getting stepped/crapped/pissed on by a Holstein, but it also taught me how to fix something with only bailing wire and a pair of pliers - talk about getting creative!  Although I have an MBA, the education received while working in those fields sometimes pales in comparison.   

I work on a dairy farm, and

I work on a dairy farm, and it is hard and long hours BUT I enjoy it. The cows are extremely well taken care of (there is a sign that hangs in the barn that says "treat the cows like you would your mother, because they too are mothers") The part where it says cows make a "physically unpleasant" work place, they don't unless they crap or piss on you...there are other beings which make work places much more "physically unpleasant" work places.

Dairy farming is a way of

Dairy farming is a way of life.  We love our cows!!  Many times, animals are nicer than people.  The money grubbing people who use our corn and other feeds for biofuel and ship it all over the ocean are partly responsible for feed being so high it's hard for the smaller farmers to keep going.  And most young people just want to start at the top and don't want down hardhard work of the farm to hold on the land and carry on the tradition.  They rather sell, don't seem to care if they have lots of neighbors, and want every weekend off.  That's life today.  Over 65% of farmers arer 65+.  Don't know what will become of the back bone of America, it's sure got alot of broken vertabre.  But it's a wonderful way to live work and have a close family while they're grolwing up before theyget a taste of the "world."   When my 5 sons aren't at their jobs, they help out still . . . and 1 has his own herd.  Live on dairy farmers in America.

Well someone obviously didn't

Well someone obviously didn't like working with cows otherwise it wouldn't be in the list.

Stop drinking milk designed

Stop drinking milk designed for infant cows.    I don't respect farmers.  Cows are treated like crap and then killed before their lives are lived.  And, what happens to the male babies?  Hmm,  are they put in veal crates never to see the sun or stand or be with their mothers?... or just killed right away? And how do you impregnate the females? 

yes I agree, this country was

yes I agree, this country was raised by farmers and maintained by farmers, go hug your trees elsewhere, farmers are one of the most hardworking personnel in this country, me being a dairy farmer, and prior service enlisted army.

Wow - how much time do you

Wow - how much time do you spend listening to propaganda anyway?I guess you only eat grass, since everything else is produced by A FARMER of some kind!Please stay off the internet if you can't educate yourself first... 

I second that. You need to

I second that. You need to check your sources, and maby go visit a few farms; big national ones and small local ones alike.

Better farming and working

Better farming and working with animals than dealing with drones working in an office, hustling coffee and paper clips to the upper management, having "a case of the Mondays". At least animals can't talk back to you =P

"All those cows can make for

"All those cows can make for a physically unpleasant and possibly dangerous work environment" What an inanane comment.  

second that!

second that!

This is ridiculous. Farming

This is ridiculous. Farming is more than a job, its a way of life. I'm a dairy farmer and couldn't ask for a better way to live. Unpredictable hours, dangerous, make little money, work in all types of weather conditions? Of course. But maybe I like a challenge. :)

I support what you guys do.

I support what you guys do. Factory farms are destroying America.  

Agreed!  My husband used to

Agreed!  My husband used to work on a dairy farm. The corporations are totally messing things up for the smaller farmers.  

I love my local farmers and

I love my local farmers and support them as much as possible! I hope no one is discouraged from this lifestyle, because as far as I'm concerned, it's a noble pursuit :)

There is an increasing

There is an increasing movement against factory farms.. and local farms will not just stay in business but will become more like a luxury item.

I could not agree more. As

I could not agree more. As for the decrease in job growth, as long as there is a continued need for milk and dairy products, there will be continuous need for jobs in the dairy industry. As an agricultural student in college, I am constantly exploring the countless jobs available in both the dairy and agricultural industries. 97% of farms in the United States are family owned. There is room for all sizes of farms to make a difference in the dairy industry. All farmers are in this together. There is also nothing in this article that defines a "small" or a "large" farm. As for a physically unpleasant work environment, there are so many pushes in today's society to stay healthy and get fit. What better way to do that then to spend your days doing physical labor for the satisfactions of providing the population with nutritious dairy products? Nothing can top the feeling that what you put hard work into day in and day out goes for the betterment of others. Dairy farmers also learn to be more alert of their surroundings because they do have a potentially dangerous work place.I know many elderly farmers that are extremely sharp and alert for their age which I think is a wonderful thing. I have never met a dairy farmer or anyone in the agricultural industry who was unsatisfied with their line of work. Who doesn't want to live a long, happy and healthy life? Farmers are a proud group of people who deserve our respect every single day. As a part of the next generation of farmers, I know that farming and agriculture in the United States will continue to grow and prosper.God bless America's farmers and ranchers.

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