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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 5. Oil Rig Worker

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 5. Oil Rig Worker

BLS National Salary Median: $37,640
Projected Job Growth: 8%
Jobs Rated Score: 979

Working on an oil rig is risky. Few jobs are as isolated, requiring long hours spent on rigs often located at sea or in fields far from major cities. And while fracking is providing new opportunities in the field, sustainable energy’s growth will pose long-term sustainability challenges to the oil rig worker’s job market. Solar panel installation, for example, skyrocketed by 76% in 2012.

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Patterson UTI hires veterans.

Patterson UTI hires veterans. ALOT of veterans.  Check out their website.  If you're near a military installation check with their transition center to look into a job fair.  PattersGraham's teams to specifically recruit military, and I know at Fort Campbell this company is hiring roughly 18-20 Veteans every month for floorhand.

Tom -- Here's another book

Tom -- Here's another book for your reiadng list (although in your case I think you've already found the answer)"What Should I Do With My Life?" by Po Bronson.NOT a "self-help" book, rather a collection of stories about people who made changes in their lives for a variety of reasons, among them not being in love with the work they were doing.It's one of the major influences in my decision to leave the Oracle world and go off and do something entirely different. I didn't love my job. I didn't like my job.Was this the right choice? Dunno yet. But leaving was definitely the right choice.

from the uk, left school at

from the uk, left school at 16 with gcse's all at grade C, apart from maths were that came as a D which I felt should've been a C as I'm more than capable, didn't think A levels were important so I went to do a plastering course ( over 3 years ) done my first year and was bored, top of the class, couldn't have been better, theory and practical but was just bored, came across a job in a local supermarket, they were offering me hours and reasonal pay and before I knew it I'd be dragged in and forgot about college, Iv been looking into oil rigging as iv taken a large interest in it, was just wondering from the current workers/employers on here now, where the hell I start ? Qualifications ? Safety certificates ? Knowledge ? looking for ANY info anybody has to help me, many thanks, Josh

I work for Nabors drilling

I work for Nabors drilling the largest drilling company there isstarted as a floor hand making 72k a year that's 2on 2 off



I have no family to speak of

I have no family to speak of and I've been trying to find a position for way to long. I'm positive this is what I want to do, but I'm having problems finding a company that is hiring for entry level positions. Can you help? The company you work for would be great. As I said, I have nothing, nowhere and only wish to survive, buy a piece of land, and have somewhere to call home. I'm 31 years old, 6'4", 230lbs, intelligent, and highly motivated. I've labored all my life, never found anything that made me want to give up or even slow down, but I've never been able to reach my full potential either. !PLEASE HELP ME!

As an oil filed worker

As an oil filed worker offshore I do not understand how the figure their medium income, the lowest paid worker in the company I work for is 60k, medical benefits, short and long term disability insurance, plus a real retiremnt program ontop of the 401k matched by the company at 6%. Vested in 401k in 6 months some companies have an immediate vesting in 401k. Vested in retirement in 5 years.
Yes you are away from home and family, yes there are long hours and bad weather, and it is dangerous. The rewards are well worth it. If you are salary as I am I receive a paycheck each and every month either on the rig or off. so I work 6 month on the rig and have 6 months off.
My base is about 180k, there are well bonuses, retention bonuses, and profitable bonuses thatpush it over 200k.
I do not have a college degree, but have worked my way up from the bottom.
I am always amazed at the new guys out here 19 years old highschool diploma and making 60 to 70k @ year working 6 months out of the year. Say what you want but the other jobs I have seen in the best list I woul dnot trade mine for unless they paid twice what I am making.

I know!  Looks like quite the

I know!  Looks like quite the fulfilling career to go into.  Um, well, I guess until the oil and gas runs out - because as we all know from our 6th grade science class - fossil fuels (like freshwater) are "scarce" resources - meaning there is a finite supply.  But of course everyone realizes that!  And of course there is a plan for when these resources have been depleted, right?  Absolutely - let future generations deal with it.  

If you were 19 and went to

If you were 19 and went to work in the oil and gas industry you would be able to retire at 45 or 50 if you were smart with your money. nasme me any other industry that you can do that other than the milatary?

Ummm, seriously?! "Solar

Ummm, seriously?! "Solar panel installation, for example, skyrocketed by 76% in 2012" - I smell agenda. and for every solar panel installer there are 7 job vacancies in the South Dakota oil fields right now. I am very skeptical about Oil Rig Worker being one of the worst jobs in 2012-2013

LOL! Talk about a liberal

LOL! Talk about a liberal agenda here. When was the last time and iPad or an NICU incubator was made from anything to do with a solar panel? The world runs on oil, and revolves around plastic. What other industry can a person with limited educational background work his way up to more than $100k a year (for working 6 months a year) based solely on his own hard work and on the job training? I'm throwing up the BS flag on this one...

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