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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 4. Actor

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 4. Actor

BLS National Salary Median: $17.44/hour
Projected Job Growth: 4%
Jobs Rated Score: 995

Earning a full-time wage as an actor is one of the most difficult career paths one can pursue. Competition is fierce and earnings are typically paltry unless you are one of the lucky fraction-of-a-few to break into the big time. The Screen Actors Guilde-American Federation of Trad and Radio Artists [SAG-AFTRA] has membership in excess of 160,000 – many of these are bit players at best. BLS estimates just 66,500 work in the field full-time.

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This is why I'm turned off.

This perfectly explains why I'm turned off to acting! This article, along with others stating it's not easy, have COMPLETELY turned me off to acting. I do not go to movies, watch scripted TV show, or even attend local plays. A lot of those big soap opera actor movie stars are just untouchable, anyway.

I'm surprised that reality tv

I'm surprised that reality tv wasn't mentioned as a factor. And the demise of a lot of scripted TV, including soaps, which is where a lot of actors traditionally get their start.

I totally agree Musician and

I totally agree Musician and Actor, those should be one and two! Those jobs are so physically demanding with people constantly being hospitalized or sent home missing limbs. Not to mention being forced to do something that you don't love! All the musicians I know hate music and have to do it because they got hosed, being born with their "special gifts" - I feel so sorry for them. 

I looked at the 10 worst and

I looked at the 10 worst and am seriously surprisednthat musician was not in the top 3!  There is a constant nlearning curve, expenses accrued for equipment, training, promotion, and travel, no helath plan, no retirement, addoitional tax burden due to self-employed status, mentaln health issues related to constant regection, unstable revenue flow, last-minute changes dictated by other people's whim, lack of understanding the industry, pay scales based on wages earned in the 50's/60's, ostracized by both nusicians and non-musicians if you demand fair compensatioin, shakey interpersonal relationships affected by the mythologyabout the profession, and I could go on.  But of course, most people do not consider jobs in the music industry a job anyway.

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