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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 3. Enlisted Military Personnel

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 3. Enlisted Military Personnel

BLS National Salary Median: $41,998 (E-7, 8+ years experience)
Projected Job Growth: Varies
Jobs Rated Score: 1009

Enlisted military personnel is the most stressful job of 2013, as the men and women who volunteer in the Armed Forces are routinely placed in dangerous situations. And as the military draws down, fewer soldiers will be needed.

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The only real type of person

The only real type of person that stays in the military is the type that dosent think they can do any better in they just sit and waste thier lives away for a "retirement". Then realize after serving 20 years they can't actually afford to retire. Add on top the pointless stress, being away from your family for tdy, and the physical/mental breakdown of your it really worth it? beware of any job that tells you to put your wife and kids second..

Really? cause my father is

Really? cause my father is about to hit 26 years in the army. he is not completely broke. in fact he has well over 500,000 dollars in the bank. he could litterally buy a house completely in cash. And yes he is enlisted 

money isn't everything

Your father either had a easy mos or can barely walk with the stress his body had to endure over the years...  if you was in the military,  you can just look at the first Sargents and the toll the military has on their bodies.. money isn't everything... 

You could not be more wrong. 

You could not be more wrong.  I work because I choose to.  I also only have to work four days a week, because of my "military retirement".  I pay nothing for medical for myself and my family.  Yeah,  I have it terrible.  Oh yeah, the military pays for my education that I am getting right now, and gives my family and I a housing allowance on top of that.  Terrible, I know.  I would like to thank you for your post however.  I forgot how good I actually have it.  Stay in the corporate world, until they downsize and fire you.  The military doesn't want or need your kind. 

There is never a good reason

There is never a good reason to justify ignorance!  I completed 26 years Military Service myself.  Enjoying life!!!!

Love your post^^

Love your post^^

I agree!

I agree!

Actually you got that wrong.

Actually you got that wrong. I dont want or need the military. You get housing allowance because without it you couldnt afford to live off base. Medical...Id much rather pay the $100 a month and go to a real doctor that has MY best interest in mind. Youll see what I mean after you "retire". The military needs people like you, that will do what your told without question. You wouldnt make it in the "corporate" world so your better off staying where your at. Put your job first, look at what the military is doing to christians (foxnews), and how they mis treat thier own people. You think i actually want to be part of that? No way. I did my time and now I make 2.5x more than I did in the military, deal with 95% less bs and Im free to do what I want. You think you have it good now because youve never taken a chance to have it better. I did, and it paid off. I applaud you for serving your country but look who you really serve. A corupt govt. The military isnt about giving freedom anymore, its about supressing it. Look what goes on in other countries. Get out from under that govt umbrella and open your eyes.

I was in the Army for 12

I was in the Army for 12 years and yes there are days that really suck. But for the most part it was a great experience. The reason I enlisted  in the first place  was to better my live and so I did. I now have a great job family and a good future. The key to joining the military is getting as much out of it as you can. Knowing when to join and when to leave. The military is NOT for everybody so make sure you choose wisely and pick an MOS that you are going to like. There are lot of statments on this site that are wrong.THE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE MILITARY ARE MANY YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM AND DUCK FOR COVER!!!!

while you're out there

while you're out there working like puppets, we are her getting our degrees and building business and better future forthe world.  I can tell that your an enlisted. There is 2 kind of people who join the military! 1 is who gives up in life and has no other way of living. The other ONE IS who really thinks that his country needs him, THEREFORE STUDIES AS HARD AS HE/SHE CAN AND THAN JOINS THE ARMY.

From reading this, I doubt

From reading this, I doubt you've successfully progressed passed elementary school, let alone received any kind of degree.

I am a Noncommissioned

I am a Noncommissioned officer with two soldier neither of them have a car, is it my responsibility to take them everywhere on post on my own expenses?

People who say the civilian

People who say the civilian world sucks can't hack it out there. I work out there for 8 years and never dealt with so much bullshit like I have in the military. I am in the process of getting out right now, the micro management and assembly line mentality is destroying the organization. You will deal with about 75% toxic leadership, you can be a concrete thinker your ideas carry no weight because someone higher rank of you knows more because he out ranks you and doesn't have to listen to you.The medical sucks if you a soldier you will always be doubted as a slacker or faker with your leg hanging off. You can't raise a family on $36,000. It not worth what you will lose in life; precious moments that you can't get back. Proud to serve, and the friends I've made, but this is not for me. You will start to question yourself immediately if you know what I am saying other will rebutted it because they are institutionalized.

If you can read these

If you can read these comments...thank a teacher. If you have the right to read or write comments here, then thank a servicemember for defending the Constitution of the United States!

If you wish to defend the

If you wish to defend the consitution then take out a congressman who swears to up hold it then uses it for toilet paper like this president and all his croonies. They have yet to stand by their consitutional duties that they swear to uphold. As a military person you joined which is a discision that you make knowing what you are getting into. No one has fought to up hold our freedom since world war two. Since that time there has been no treat of any knid of invasion of America. Take away our arms, as your leaders wish to do, then we will be left open to that threat.There are other professions that are just as stressful and dangerous as the military that are not even mentioned here. An anchor handler for offshore semirigs and the deckhands that work on the service vessels to the those offshore rigs. They work long hours and spend many weeks away from home. As well the conditions are very hazardous at times with several dying each year from mishaps.I can read because I took the inscentive to learn and I am free to do so because my father and grandfather fought in the real wars of WWI & WWII.

i'm in the military and yeah

i'm in the military and yeah some days we do have to work 12 hours some days i've gotta stand 20 hrs of watch and other days we work 6 hrs and then get to kick back you get into what you put into it it may the be the greatest job but it can sure kick-start your life and get you to where you wanna be free college is huge too i'm gunna have a degree and have paid nothing and be working a great job in a few more years while the rest of my friends that went straight to college are broke and stuck paying college loans for the next 10 yrs.

the military is not for everyone clearly its not for you and that's fine. but that doesn't mean the military is bad just because it didn't work for you. oh and i've had a bunch of strangers come up to me and shake my hand. every time i travel and i'm in uniform people always thank me for my service.

thanks to all our troops

thanks to all our troops serving for us civilians.

im an e-4 and the pay isnt

im an e-4 and the pay isnt bad i live on base with my family and they get all types of benefits. my wife is pregnant and civilian doctors take good care of her. if my son get a cut i dont need to worry about medical bills. Again i live on base 2100 square foot townhome with utilies paid and i still see 1,100 every week. if you have an emergency you get free leave. when i used to work in the civilian world. they'll make you use your leave time, and godforbid u had none you wouldnt get paid. I get a 4 day weekend every month. 0630 pt is amazing been in three units and i do the same thing civilians do, run or go to the gym then i go home and shower and come back at 9 leave at 11 then come back at 1300 and go home between 1400-1700 depending on work. Man what stress.
i forgot to mention all the free marriage bonds and trips we get, discounts almost anywhere and 80% i get pulled over i slide my dod I.D and i get away. and i get to go TDY to other states and get cetified for my MOS 25B and get to finish my degree of choice for free. tell me a civilian job that can do this. Trust me i worked in the civilian sector for 10yrs before i joined. so imma late bloomer in the army.

I call BS I'm a E-4 and will 

I call BS I'm a E-4 and will not see $1,100 a week that's a flat out lie. If u choose to live on base you will see $800 every 2 weeks and off base u will see $1250 every to weeks. Also we don't get that many days off or get off that early what's up wit this guy? is he even in the military??? 

I don't know about the Army,

I don't know about the Army, but I have two siblings in the Navy. Neither has EVER made this low.  Both came in with less than a BS.Most of my career they have made more $ than me and I'm a college professor. Add to that their cost of living bonus if in a high rent district, housing allowance, special loan programs, paid tuition, military discounts, re-enlistment bonuses of tens of thousands of dollars, and early retirement if they stay in, not to mention a pile of other benefits that are unbelievable.  I am sure there are poorly paid military people, but almost everyone I know in the air force or military is freaking well off compared to people doing the same basic non-combat job in the civillian ranks. 

Believe me, bro! I'm 28 and

Believe me, bro! I'm 28 and have been in for 4 years and I still feel too old. You are going to join at 27 and be treated 17 your whole time in, thinking why did I do this? You should have joined at 18, but since you didn't please heed my advice and don't join as an older enlisted. If you want to be in then get your degree and go in officer. You will thank me for this.

So true! I am currently MEB

So true! I am currently MEB and it feels good to be finally out after 8 years. The Army has helped me in some ways, but it going to feel so good not doing yard work, maid service, and waking up at 5am for PT!

depends on the unit u go. i

depends on the unit u go. i joined at 23 with a degree and get treated like a man not a kid

If you are looking at taxable

If you are looking at taxable income, sure that could be accurate.....BUT a good chunk of my income is tax free. E-5 with 8yrs base pay is $2893, basic allowance for housing (non taxable income) $1730 E-5 with no dependents, basic allowance for subsistence $343, special duty pay $450 (I'm on recruiting duty), cost of living allowance $22 (southern california)....take home pay after taxes, $2353 on the 1st and $2353 on the 15th of EVERY MONTH.Not to mention 30days of paid vacation per year, free medical, free dental, retirement, my VA home loan, educational benefits the list goes on. Point is, do the math, we get paid well. Less than 24% of the jobs in the Marine Corps are combat related and the Army is the only branch that deploys 12-15 month rotations....every branch is different in respect to deployment rotations. I just hit 9yrs and have only been deployed once....overall, there is a large amount of inaccuracies for enlisted military personnel.

This person stated that

This person stated that he/she is on recruiting duty. Enough said!

??? I've been in for three

??? I've been in for three years and deployed twice already... Guess it comes with the CIB

Get your facts correct!!

Get your facts correct!!  I've been in 19 years and really hope they let me stay in for 30. That must mean that this is a horrible career??  Not!!!

I'm glad you've had a good

I'm glad you've had a good career. That isn't the case for everyone. After reading the article linked, I challenge you to find another career that matches the statistics put forth.

I work with the Army, and as

I work with the Army, and as for soldiers being stressed out, I totally disagree. Where else do you get "Training Holidays" (if a holiday falls on Monday you get Friday Off). I normally see soldiers show up at their units around 9 to 9:30 in the morning. They normally have an hour to hour and half lunch, then there of course is "Family Time" on Thursdays. I don't think this is stressful at all, I think it is a pretty easy profession.

This artlice keeps it real,

This artlice keeps it real, no doubt.

You, whoever you are,

You, whoever you are, obvisously have never served. Military personnel have to deploy a year at a time and need that much needed time off!!! Soldiers get up early, 0530, to do physical training; they finish get cleaned up; and come to work at 0900!!!! I spent 24 years serving the country making sure people like you are safe.You should be ashamed talking trash about Soldiers!!!

Must be nice to get family

Must be nice to get family time and all your DONSAS, POG.

This evaluation of the

This evaluation of the military is not accurate and shows the lack of research conducted. I am a E-6 with 10 years and make a little over 67,000. If you take on the Dental, Medical and 30 days paid vacation a year I would have to say I am sitting fairly well. However yes we do have stressful jobs at times. Also depends on the job you chose. Please check your facts before posting anything.

67,000?  I'm an O3 with 12

67,000?  I'm an O3 with 12 years and I don't make 67,000.  Are you talking before taxes, including BAH and incentives?

Lumping all enlisted into one

Lumping all enlisted into one fold isn't painting an exact picture at all!  8 years to get in at E-7 is smoking fast!  I'm not saying it hasn't been done, just saying in reality, to make E-7 (in the USAF) average time is around the 14 year mark.

Yes, I am enlisted and my

Yes, I am enlisted and my husband joined at 27. If you are interested you should really contact a recruiter ASAP but you are limited on time.

Limited on time?  Are they

Limited on time?  Are they going to stop accepting applications soon?

The military is always

The military is always looking for another sucker, er, I mean recruit. 

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