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Worst Jobs of 2013 - 2. Lumberjack

Worst Jobs of 2013 - 2. Lumberjack

BLS National Salary Median: $32,870
Projected Job Growth: 4%
Jobs Rated Score: 1117

The inherent danger of working with heavy machinery in remote locations, coupled with low pay and poor job prospects, ranks lumberjack as one of the worst jobs of 2013.

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I disagree that NO

I disagree that NO teacher...unless they're a college professor is paid six figures! I know of college professors that do not make six figures, and, conversely high school teachers that make more than six figures! After all, in NY state, where our taxes are the highest, we require a Masters degree of all teachers within 5 years of obtaining a bachelors in education! That is why I am currently resentful of teachers complaining about no renewal of their labor contract and I am working for $9 an hour! BTW, I have 2BSs! I am no slacker, just not in the right place in this POOR economy!

That's not just logic. That's

That's not just logic. That's really seinbsle.

Eyes just opened... Thank you

Eyes just opened... Thank you all!!!My career choice was made by some lady checing a blank on my college application because nobody made me think about MY future before my "future" came around.So now I've been complaining for 22 years how much my IT job stinks, how the "bosses" don't care that an average day is between 12 & 16 hrs... Plus many weekends and holidays.After reading all these posts about your poor people's plight, I realize the difference between the BEST and WORST job is the individual's attitude.  And that attitude spills over to EVERY other aspect in life.I too am guilty of complaining about stress, pay, missing out on so much of my kids' lives, etc.BUT... The bottom line is, even though life hasn't turned out like Our favorite TV shows...big house, easy living, etc, EACH of us are far more blessed the we realize.  Thank GOD we have jobs and are able to eat enough to keep our bodies fueled.  Thank GOD we have enough left over to have money to get on internet.  WOW!  Think of all those people who can't say either of those two things.GOD, forgive me for being so ungrateful!!!!

yeah... metal.

yeah... metal.

New page per job?  Outta

New page per job?  Outta here.

They can't take their work

They can't take their work home with them :)

Lumberjacks are OK.

Lumberjacks are OK.

They sleep all night and work

They sleep all night and work all day.

I cut down trees, I eat my

I cut down trees, I eat my lunch...

i go to the lavitry 

i go to the lavitry 

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