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Best Jobs of 2013 - 9. Physical Therapist

Best Jobs of 2013 - 9. Physical Therapist

BLS National Salary Median: $76,310
Projected Job Growth: 39%
Jobs Rated Score: 199

Physical therapists provide vital rehabilitative guidance to patients overcoming a variety of ailments. They focus on identifying and improving the quality of life and ability to function for their patients, and often look beyond physical movement to the psychological, emotional and social well-being, a much needed skill for the aging population.

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Looking at "psychological,

Looking at "psychological, emotional and social well-being" sounds like occupational therapy as many OT degrees require psychology, sociology, and psychosocial courses. 

Thanks for your comments

Thanks for your comments Bret! You're a top reuicrter in your field so I'm happy to hear that you are also reminding experienced professionals of what they have already accomplished and what is yet to come. Happy Holidays!

 I enjoy being able to help

 I enjoy being able to help others as a physical therapist  

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