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Best Jobs of 2013 - 7. Occupational Therapist

Best Jobs of 2013 - 7. Occupational Therapist

BLS National Salary Median: $72,320
Projected Job Growth: 33%
Jobs Rated Score: 166

Occupational therapists work with the injured or ill and use routine activities to speed rehabilitation. Demand for their skills is high as they focus on modifying each patient's physical environment while training them to use equipment to increase independence. By focusing on helping patients engage in meaningful activities of daily living, they tend to cater to the aging population.

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I have been an OT since 1985.

I have been an OT since 1985. Often tired but never bored. Don't expect the salary that you see above starting out. I make less than that now with all the years of clinical and management experience.

I have worked for many

I have worked for many companies and all of them expecting you to work at 90 percent or greater now which means they want you billing for 450 min a day!! Or more 365 !! Or they will fire u! Its just like selling shoes!! I feel sorry for therapist and patients. It's all about the money now. I have been doing OTR for 15 years every year gets worse. People have no idea what's going on in LTC. I love working w the patients but there is no way you can get it all done. So many lawsuits now they will fire you if you work off the clock to do paperwork! Very high stress to get it all done on iPads now. That way they can watch your every move!! Best hope is to work PRN for fewer hours to make the same pay and learn to live on less!! Don't get a lot of bills so you can live cheap and keep your sanity !! Sounds like pediatrics is the damage way !! Discouraged about our future :( 

The minimal educational

The minimal educational requirement for an entry level position is a PhD.

This is incorrect.  An

This is incorrect.  An occupational therapist currently needs a masters degree and some schools are coverting to a doctorate degree.  You can no longer be an OT with a BS/BA degree although you could years ago and those with BS/BA degrees are grandfathered in.There is a great need for OTs.  We have great difficulty hiring OTs as there are not enough of them.   I was just at a recruitment fair (we are trying to hire more OTs).  There were 50 employers/ recruiters there and each recruiter / employer needed an average of 5-10 OTs to fill openings.  ie- the employers/recruiters wanted to hire 250 plus OTs and the school was only graduating a class of 25 students!  What other profession can say this in 2013??All of our OTs LOVE their jobs.The frustration is this.  We have local college students with a stellar record and BA/BS degree that can't get into OT graduate school!    OT schools in our are get over 200 applicants for each seat.  We have had people with a BA/BS degree go to occupational therapy assistant school (only requiring an associate degree).  With an occupational therapy assistant degree, it is easier to get accepted into MOT bridge programs to eventually become an MOT. We see a trend that our occupational therapy assistant programs are filling up with people already having a BS/BA degree which is crazy!!!  This greatly increases college debt and a BS/BA degree is not needed for OTassistant school.We need more Masters in OT schools and existing educational programs need to increase class size.  If there are any college administrators reading this, please consider offering a Masters in Occupational Therapy degree.

This is good to hear!  I am

This is good to hear!  I am currently an MSOT student completing my first level II placement - are you by chance a recruiter?  And may I ask where you are located? 

That is absolutely not true!

That is absolutely not true! My cousin had and entry level job as an Occupational Therapist only 6 months after graduating with a BA. An aunt of mine had a great, high paying entry level job in Occupational Therapy with a BA, as well. She did eventually get her PhD, which she pursued to obtain a job as a Director of Occupational Therapy in a hospital.

Not true. An occupational

Not true. An occupational therapist I work with only has a BA.

I think this is my calling...

I think this is my calling...

OTs help people with

OTs help people with disabilities of any kind and all across the lifespan DO the things they need and want to do on a daily basis in order to be happy and independent.

I reviewed your "Best Jobs

I reviewed your "Best Jobs for 2013" list and was pleased to see Occupational Therapist on the list. However, the job description posted is inaccurate as to what Occupational Therapists do. Occupational therapists aid people with returning to their activities of daily living, including self-cares all the way up to their professional occupation. However, it is certainly not limited to your paying occupation.

Everyone I've spoken to who

Everyone I've spoken to who is an OT loves it, they all seem to be friendly and helpful with great communication skills by default lol I'm a 3rd year OT student on placement at the moment and I'm loving it, intrinsic satisfaction gained from this job is high also which I think is very important. Generally as a new grad you're looking at at least $54/yr which is not too shabby at all for a new grad position.. And it just keeps going up each year from there ;)

Occupational therapy (OT) is

Occupational therapy (OT) is not just about equipment or just about the elderly, but is about assisting people throughout the lifespan with participating in the occupations that give their lives meaning. We can assist with development of self-help skills, interpersonal skills and school readiness in the young, provide support for struggling learners during school years, and assist adults with creating daily routines in environments that support healthy relationships, work and play. Access OT services through community organizations, schools, in industry, through home health agencies, hospitals, rehab centers, and private practices. JEP

Occupational therapy is the

Occupational therapy is the way to go folks.

I second that! I've been one

I second that! I've been one for almost ate entry years now

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