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The Least Stressful Jobs of 2017


No job is completely free from stress, whether you are in a career tracked by the 2017 Jobs Rated report or not. However, using the criteria of 11 factors designed to evaluate workplace stress, we found that some professions score more favorably than others.

Scoring lower per the Jobs Rated stress factors is not a commentary on the societal importance of a job, either. The least stressful job of 2017 proves that.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer was ranked as the least stressful of the 200 careers tracked in the Jobs Rated report.

This job plays an important role in healthcare, providing imagery for expectant mothers and identifying possible injuries to the muscles.

Indeed, the field’s important. But how we define stress finds it’s also one of the more welcoming environments.

What ranks a job as less stressful are our 11 criteria:

• Travel
• Career Growth Potential
• Physical Demands
• Environmental Conditions
• Hazards Encountered
• Meeting the Public
• Competition
• Risk of Death or Grievous Injury
• Immediate Risk of Another’s Life
• Deadlines
• Working in the Public Eye

A job with little-to-no travel, promising growth opportunities, an immediate urgency or risk of death or severe harm, and relative anonymity from the public eye – like Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – scores as less stressful.






But that doesn’t detract from a job’s significance. In fact, that’s a common theme among the 10 least stressful jobs of 2017.

Consider No. 6, University Professor. Professors are tasked with molding young minds and preparing new generations of workers, vitally important to society.

Kristina Libby, who works as a PR executive and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, said the two workplace environments differ vastly.

“A year in education is a pretty short period of time,” she says. “A year in PR is a lifetime.”

Libby adds that the stress from working as a University Professor comes in pursuing tenure track. For non-tenured positions, the growth outlook is a robust 13%, however. 

As is the case in any career -- whether it be the least stressful or most stressful jobs of 2017 -- Libby makes a great point: Stress comes from the pressure one puts on oneself. 

"It's really up to you to make sure people have the right skills to go out and get their jobs [after graduation], and I take that very seriously," she said. 

No. 9, Pharmacy Technician, is responsible for preparing important prescriptions for patients in need.

Compliance Officer – second among the least stressful jobs of 2017 – ensures that the day-to-day operations of a business or other organization remain up to state and federal laws.

Travel varies from low to nonexistent. Physical harm is not an imminent threat. The environmental conditions, typically an office setting, are not rife with the hazards present in some of the most dangerous jobs.

And these are attributes common in the sectors dominating the least stressful jobs of 2017: IT, healthcare and business.

Least Stressful Jobs of 2017: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Annual Income: $63,630
Growth Outlook: 24%
Stress Score : 4.00

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Sonographer the least stressful?

what world does the author live in?  Definitely not the one I live in. The one where I see breast cancer, liver mets or fetal demise on a daily basis. Not the one where the patient is 300lbs and I have to use my wrist, elbow and shoulder and end up in physical therapy at the end of the year.  Most definitely not the one where I have four patients scheduled in one hour. Also, that median salary.....not even close to it 11 year later. 

diagnostic sonographer

Not sure where you got that idea from,Maybe the 3D utrasound clinics were anyone off the street can be hired and show moms babies all day but ACTUAL diagnostic medical sonographers would disagree that the job is the least stressful job. let me break is down for you...I graduated from 3 year program, of the 35 people who were accepted (all of which came with either medical backgrounds or previous post secondary education) my class graduated with 11 students, most of my class failed. The program its-self was far more stressful then Hair styling at a 1 year cosmotlogy class.  Then theres the working sonographer, who must be able to scan and interpret abdomen, vascular, breast, scrotal, thyroid, obstetric and pelvic exams. Meaning to have knowledge of all anatomy in those regions and be able to recognize any abnormalities, in the sense that if you miss an abnormal finding, such as cancer, the patient goes undiagnosed.Then youre dealing with the OB cases, which sometimes are good, scan a baby, show the happy parents...or they can be bad, scan an abnormal or dead fetus and put a poker face on so the mother doesnt suspect there is an issue until you can show the doctor, then be in the room while a family is completly heartbroken. Then theres constant procedures, draning liters of fluid from bodies, biopsy procedures. Ah yes and many hospitals are short staffed so dont expect breaks and even half of your alotted lunch time, then the 8 hour days you are scanning 15 patients, and emerge add ons, dealing with emerge is never stress free. Many sonographers have repetitive strain injuries (seriously google it) the statistics on that alone will prove how completly flawed your "study" is. Also one would expect yoga instructor to be number one?


This is completely false & obviously written by someone who has no idea what a sonographer actually does! The stress & physical demand is immense; not to mention if you happen to "miss" something, it could cost the patient their life. It's very stressful! Do your research before writing an article. 

Least Stressful Career!

i am a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and and a veteran. I can tell you that there are many times when my job is equally or more stressful than my military career was. I was under so much pressure at one of the hospitals I worked at that I almost had a nervous breakdown. Day in and day out we are responsible for searching for and finding ou what is causing our patient'S pain, often finding something very wrong incidentally. We then have to keep our mouths shut and tell the patient they will have results in a couple of days, because we can't "diagnose" since we aren't doctors. Even though we are going to worry about that patient until we can't look in their chart and make sure th radiologist read what we documentled. We get yelled at, hit on, farted on, smell the worst of the worst things, and all the while keeping our professional composur while the rest of the world thinks it must be great to look at babies all day! Nope! This is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had and is not for the weak of spirit or the faint of heart!!!

Least stressful job

I am a registered diagnostic cardiac and vascular Sonographer. I went to school for three years and had to take three different registry exams. Physics, cardiac, and vascular. Thank you for making my career seem simple, stress free, and insignificant. I can't tell you the levels of stress I experience when they ask me to scan a patient receiving chest compressions and a room full of doctors and nurses are looking at me for an answer. Or when I am called to the operating room to locate an artery so the doctors can give a life saving treatment. I could go on and on. Bottom line is that I am the eyes for the doctor, if I am not focused and competent I could miss something and the patient could die. Let's not even get into the work related musculoskeletal injuries that more than 80% of us suffer with. I don't understand how you figured this. Where did you do your research?. Give me a damn break. Your list is complete rubbish. 


I am a maternal fetal medicine  sonographer and I feel you have some misinformation. I have been scanning for15 years. I had my first rotator cuff tear repair 10 years after I graduated. MFM sonographers must scan all the high risk patients including pregnant women in the morbid obese category. We have about 80 images to get which takes about 45mins. In order to acquire these images we have to make the distance between the probe and the fetus as small as possible in order to be able to see and rule out any physical defects. 45 minutes of pushing and twisting and turning your probe sometimes underneath a pregnant belly can also set you up for a tennis fracture of your wrist. You are out of work for 6 to 8 weeks and your insurance and workers comp fight about who is going to pay for it. I lost because my injury was not a slip trip or fall. Second, the mfm sonographer is not only performing a medical test but unfortunately because of the hype of 3D ultrasound and the fact that most offices are owned by corporations everything is based on patient satisfaction. This is terrible because apparently we went to school for a medical job and we now also have to entertain our patients too. Must get that perfect 3D of the face for our patients to take home (It's not a magic wand). When patients come to see us they bring all their friends and family which doesn't bother me, but I am trying to look your baby over and make sure they are physically ok. This is very hard to do when all these people are in the room talking, babies crying, kids runNing around tearing up your room and pushing the nurse button, like there is an emergency. Now all the family tries to get their phones out to take pictures of the screen which is not allow because it is a HIPPA violation. When you tell them they can't bc it is against policy... well you just lost your satisfaction score. So, in short, or not short this is not a low stress job. I love what I do! I help to make sure fetuses are ok and if not I find the issue to help make sure that the right medical team is in the delivery room to give every baby the best fighting chance for life!  Thank you for your time. P.s I might have some misspelled words bc I am doing this on my phone and the font is a 5! Lol!


 As a sonographer I can tell you first hand that it is a very stressful career. Daily I have patients who are dying but don't know yet, and often times I'm the first to know. I have patients whose baby, one who've they've been trying for years to concieve no longer has a heartbeat, or a massive bleed on their brain that is incompatible with life. I have patients who have clots in the veins in their legs that could break off on my table and potentially kill them right there. I have patients who are drug addicts and frequent fliers on my table who are destroying their heart and lives. I have patients who have beat breast cancer twice and come in for a belly ache but it turns out they have mets on their liver and they won't last long. All of this not to mention the physical strain on our bodies, carpal tunnel, shoulder and back injuries due to the growing epidemic of obesity in this country and the ways we have to contort our bodies the reach our patients. I'm not saying thay this is the most stressful job out there. There are active duty military, police officers, and firefighters who daily risk their lives for us. What I am saying is make sure your facts are straight before you go out and offend an entire profession and tell us that our job isn't stressful. Sonography is a highly misunderstood profession so we are always happily explaining our jobs to people. We live it everyday, if you had bothered to ask any one of us we would have been more than happy to explain what our lives are like on a daily basis. 

DMS as least stressful job?

Where did you get your information?  Totally not accurate!


Are you kidding me? The least stressful job of 2017 is a medical sonographer??dealing with the public every daydiagnosing cancer in a 32 year old with 3 children being called in at 2:00am just to tell a couple that their fetus has no heartbeatworking 40 hrs a week with no lunch breaks saying I'm sorry to  every patient because you are taking them in late because you are so overbookedi could go on and on But geeez spend a day in our shoes before you make these ridiculous claims 


Please take the time to research these professions. I am a sonographer. That means I look at all kinds of anatomy, not just babies. I have seen a patient die (DNR), I have scanned someone that has already died and doctors are looking for answers. I have put the transducer down on someone that is making future plans and I know there won't be a future. I've watched someone vomit blood so violently that they've covered themselves in it and it's still pooling on the floor. I have scanned babies with unfortunate outcomes. I work a full shift then pull call. That means I get up in the middle of the night to scan someone through the ED that needs help. I still have to get up the next day to work my full shift. I lift patients, I push a big machine around. I am crucial to helping the radiologist identify pathology. Imagine the amount of schooling required for that. Imagine the responsibility. I hold 4 registries. I chose this job. I love this job. I am not complaining. It is no way the least stressful job around. 

This is so well said. This

This is so well said. This article is ridiculous. I feel like I never leave work. Call is atrocious, and the shifts we have to pull sometimes are rough. I love my job, but stress-free it is NOT.

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