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May The Work Force Be With You


May 4 unofficially marks Star Wars Day, a time of celebration for the beloved film franchise. The plot lines and characters of the series, which launched 39 years ago, can be applied to reflect the challenges of the job market.

No, seriously.

Consider the following lessons you can apply to your own job search or current occupation -- not just on May The Fourth, but the other 364 days of the year, as well.

Don't Be A Clone

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10-Year-Old Twitter Has Helped Change Job Searches


Twitter launched 10 years to the day of this writing. Who could have guessed a tool so simple, limiting users to interactions 140 characters at a time, could revolutionize both media and interaction in the manner it has? 

Pay attention to news long enough, and you are bound to stumble onto horror stories of Twitter's negative impact on people in the workforce. Its reach and immediacy can quickly turn an inappropriate joke, like that which spawned the infamous "Has Justine Landed?" hashtag, into a pink slip. 

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How to Create an Awesome Infographic Resume: Step-By-Step Guide

By: Michael Gilmore

In a world where it is more difficult to land a job than ever before, and sometimes with hundreds of people applying for the same position, it is crucial for the applicant to stand out above their competition with a brilliant resume. It would also be good if they could do it in just a few seconds, because that’s how long it takes for the recruiters to decide whether or not they should be invited for an interview.

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How to Learn the Marketing Skills No One Can Teach

By: Erik Huberman

After four years of college classes and extracurricular activities — and with that sense of accomplishment that comes with graduating — it would seem the future looks bright for college grads. But the recession hit young workers the hardest: The unemployment rate for 18- to 29-year-olds rose to 13.1 percent in 2015.

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Resolved to Get A New Job in the New Year


If you are among the millions of Americans who resolved to get a new job in 2016, count yourself part of a very large section of the population. A Marist University poll estimates 10% of all Americans with a New Year's resolution target landing a new job in the new year.

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3 Ways to Use Online Learning to Land Your Next Job

By: Mattan Griffel

Online learning is revolutionizing the way people build our careers. Comprehensive programming and design courses enable us to hone and develop new skills, make massive career shifts, and earn more money. Seems like a win-win for employees and employers alike.

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