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How to Learn the Marketing Skills No One Can Teach

By: Erik Huberman

After four years of college classes and extracurricular activities — and with that sense of accomplishment that comes with graduating — it would seem the future looks bright for college grads. But the recession hit young workers the hardest: The unemployment rate for 18- to 29-year-olds rose to 13.1 percent in 2015.

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Resolved to Get A New Job in the New Year


If you are among the millions of Americans who resolved to get a new job in 2016, count yourself part of a very large section of the population. A Marist University poll estimates 10% of all Americans with a New Year's resolution target landing a new job in the new year.

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3 Ways to Use Online Learning to Land Your Next Job

By: Mattan Griffel

Online learning is revolutionizing the way people build our careers. Comprehensive programming and design courses enable us to hone and develop new skills, make massive career shifts, and earn more money. Seems like a win-win for employees and employers alike.

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Debating Accepting A Job Offer


You found a job opening of interest to you. You submitted your application and resume, earned an interview and maybe even a second.

Your skills, confidence and prior preparation -- from studying, no doubt -- impressed the interviewer so much that you have been offered the position. Congratulations!


What if you are unsure that you want to accept?

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Avoid Copyright Infringement On Your Resume

By: Meg Guiseppi

You see a beautifully written, branded resume – or maybe a LinkedIn profile – of a job seeker with similar qualifications to yours, seeking the kind of job you want.

It sounds a lot like you, and you don't have a lot of time, so you see no reason why you shouldn't use some of that good writing in your own resume or LinkedIn profile.

Beware: This is a form of stealing known as copyright infringement.

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Use Summer Downtime to Get A Jump on Your Job Search


Thoughts of summertime typically conjure visions of relaxing under a hot sun with a cold beverage. And, with Independence Day now passed, we are into the thick of the season's downtime. 

The impending dog days can easily give way to a more relaxed attitude, but for those considering a career change, the summer months are prime time to heat up the job search. 

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