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How Your Resume Builds A Foundation For Your Professional Brand

By: Martin Yate, CPC

A resume is the primary tool that all professionals use to define and disseminate their professional brand to an ever-expanding world of contacts.


Long-term success— rewarding work without layoffs, and professional growth that fits your goals—is much easier to achieve when you are credible and visible within your profession.

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Tricks of the Social Media Trade: Show Your Future Employer You’re Legit

By: David Chen

These days, it’s not just about what you post online, but where. In fact, according to a recent study, 37% of employers check your social media accounts when making hiring decisions.


You may think simply avoiding having an online presence is the key, but many hiring managers may not consider you if they can’t find you. Instead of hiding, here are some tips to help you enhance your résumé (or ditch it altogether) with a proper Web presence.

1. Not All Social Media Is Created Equal

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How to Fight Discouragement During a Job Search

By: Martin Yate, CPC

Discouragement can quickly derail a job hunt. The longer a seeker goes without finding employment, the more difficult it can become to push forward with the attitude necessary to land a job.

Hiring budgets are usually staggered throughout each quarter when a company is going through a growth phase, and replacement hires can happen at any time.

Even in the depths of the recession there wasn’t a month where we didn’t see at least 4 million jobs posted on the Internet. We live in a huge economy, so there are always jobs available.

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4 Tips To Making Your Cover Letter Stand Out

By: Kelly Gregorio

The fact that you are job-less is perplexing. You have a promising resume, solid recommendations and a real drive to get the job, any job, done. You're enthusiastic, committed and just need a chance to prove yourself. So why hasn't anyone caught on to your stellar employment potential? Chances are, because you're letting them pass you by.

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Start Working Toward Your Goals

By: Martin Yate, CPC

What matters most in your financial future? Everyone has dreams and that’s why you set goals—to work toward a more fulfilling life.

But if all you do is dream and find yourself looking back at missed opportunities as you make the same goals repeatedly, you need to harness your dreams to a plan of attack.

Make 2014 the year you try a different approach that could make this the year you change the trajectory of your entire life. All you have to do is start working towards it.

Don’t count on your employer to take care of you - but be a top-notch employee

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Nine Tips to Deal with Job Search Rejection

By: Sampurna Majumder

Dealing with rejection in your job search can be very difficult, especially if rejection is a typical response. Add in that most job hunts involve a long, tiring process, and it's common for fatigue to set in. The key to success is to avoid getting depressed by staying positive.

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