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Alternatives to Self-Promotion

By: Wendy Gelberg

One of the hardest parts about looking for a new job is the need to promote yourself - especially since people often feel they have to brag, when in most other social encounters we're taught not to brag. The standard job search advice tells you that "you've got to sell yourself" and "you have to toot your own horn."

One job seeker spoke for a lot of us when she said, "What are you supposed to do when you don't want to sound like you think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread?"

Here are three answers to that question.

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Avoid Spam Filters When Submitting Your Resume

By: Susan P. Joyce

Don't assume that your e-mail messages will be received by the intended recipient, particularly the first message you send to someone who doesn't know you and/or who isn't expecting a message from you.

Spam Filters

With "spam" (bulk, unsolicited, commercial e-mail and junk messages) reportedly making up over 98% of e-mail these days, and with much of it also carrying computer viruses, most public and private e-mail systems are protected by software filters.

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5 Tips That Will Drain the Stress From Your Next Big Interview

By: Matthew Arrington

There's nothing like an attack of nerves to ruin a job interview. Even if you're confident that you're the best fit for the position, once your nerves hit, your chances of landing the job can crumble.

And if you think a great resume makes you a shoo-in, you're mistaken. You have to have the interview presentation to back up your experience. If you seem nervous when you're on the spot, the interviewer will assume that you don't handle stress well and that you aren't the best person for the job - even if you are.

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What to Do When You’re One Qualification Away From Your Dream Job

By: Zeynep Ilgaz

Jobs, like people, can possess a certain je ne sais quoi — an intangible but very real quality that sets them apart from others. For many people, that something can be the difference between a dream job and… well, just a job.

The right role will challenge you, give you opportunities to grow, allow you to make a good living and help you achieve balance in life. Unfortunately, there might be something standing between you and your dream job, whether that’s three to five years of experience or just a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

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How to Fall in Love With Your Resume Again

By: Michelle Kruse

You have positioned yourself well since graduating high school. You got solid grades in college, scored the internship of your dreams, and gleaned enough experience to create a masterpiece: your resume. As the years have passed and jobs have come and gone, you’ve continued adding to the original document, bringing it to its current state. Which, if we’re being honest, may not be as impressive as it once was.

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Dress for Success: 5 Tips to Improve Your Look for Your Next Job Interview

By: Brian Zeng

You might be the most talented, experienced, and brilliant applicant your potential employer has ever met, but there's a chance those factors won't be enough to land your dream job. Even if you're perfectly qualified for a position and nail every interview question, you might not get the job if you're not dressed right for the occasion.

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