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Early-Career Job Application Advice


Here at, we published our Best Jobs for Millennials earlier this month. Though the market is improving, the youngest generation in the American workforce faces challenges unique to it. 

More of the Millennial generation is college-educated, thus the basement standard for most jobs has risen accordingly. Pay in entry-level jobs is also an issue due to student loan and other forms of debt Millennials accrue trying to stay ahead of the masses. 

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10 Tips to Stand Out During Your Job Hunt

By: Wendy Gelberg

Finding job openings, cultivating an attention-grabbing resume, networking with prospective colleagues and hirers and interviewing can all induce anxiety. However, there are 10 simple steps that can combat all facets of job-search anxiousness.


1. Be visible. Use social networking and conventional networking opportunities to ensure that you're on the radar screen of those who can help or hire you.

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Seven Job Interview Prep Tips


Unfortunately many job seekers make errors in their job interview which cost them the opportunity of being hired. This is particularly true for those that have been out of work for some time. These tips, if followed, should offer you the best opportunity of getting the job or at the very least receiving the consideration you deserve if your background and skills are a match for the opening.

1. Interview with a temp firm or staffing organization prior to interviewing with an employer.

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Alternatives to Self-Promotion

By: Wendy Gelberg

One of the hardest parts about looking for a new job is the need to promote yourself - especially since people often feel they have to brag, when in most other social encounters we're taught not to brag. The standard job search advice tells you that "you've got to sell yourself" and "you have to toot your own horn."

One job seeker spoke for a lot of us when she said, "What are you supposed to do when you don't want to sound like you think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread?"

Here are three answers to that question.

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Avoid Spam Filters When Submitting Your Resume

By: Susan P. Joyce

Don't assume that your e-mail messages will be received by the intended recipient, particularly the first message you send to someone who doesn't know you and/or who isn't expecting a message from you.

Spam Filters

With "spam" (bulk, unsolicited, commercial e-mail and junk messages) reportedly making up over 98% of e-mail these days, and with much of it also carrying computer viruses, most public and private e-mail systems are protected by software filters.

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5 Tips That Will Drain the Stress From Your Next Big Interview

By: Matthew Arrington

There's nothing like an attack of nerves to ruin a job interview. Even if you're confident that you're the best fit for the position, once your nerves hit, your chances of landing the job can crumble.

And if you think a great resume makes you a shoo-in, you're mistaken. You have to have the interview presentation to back up your experience. If you seem nervous when you're on the spot, the interviewer will assume that you don't handle stress well and that you aren't the best person for the job - even if you are.

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