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The Top 10 Scary Jobs of 2010 - 2: Miner

  • Miner

    Phobias: Claustrophobia (Confined Spaces)
    Achluophobia (Darkness)
    Mysophobia (Germs or Dirt)
    Similar Jobs: Sewer Maintenance Worker, Subway Tunnel Inspector

    The recent rescue of 33 Chilean miners is a testament to their bravery while being trapped underground for 69 days, but it’s also a prime example of why mining ranks as the second scariest job of 2010. The fear of confined spaces is one of the most common phobias, and there are few worse places for a person suffering from claustrophobia to be than a narrow mine shaft deep underground. Take into account that the Driefontein Mine in South Africa is a world-record 2.5 miles deep, and it’s clear that working as a miner can be a pretty scary experience.

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what does a miner do

what does a miner do

scary job

this is scariest job ever will never do it

This is the scariest job I

This is the scariest job I think cause ur breathing dirt and you could get stuck down there i would hate that so i will never be a miner

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