Hiring Red Flags: Job Hopping

Hiring Red Flags: Job Hopping

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If your resume looks like you enjoy playing workplace pinball or are a serial career tester, then be prepared to share your story and history about why you bounced from one job to another.

For hiring managers, job hopping can be a sign of commitment phobia. And it can also indicate to them that when things get tough, you’re not afraid to jump ship. This translates to costing the company more time, money and training to hire new talent. In the end, companies are looking for dedicated employees who will stick with them through thick and thin.

Going from job-to-job can also raise an eyebrow as to a candidate’s professionalism and skill set. Questions may arise like, “Is this person’s skill set sub-par and they keep getting fired?” or “Can they not get along with other employees?”


Make the reason for your job hopping brief, be honest and be clear in the cover letter to mitigate any issues. Everyone knows the economy is tough and companies can collapse or downsize. Any respectable human resources department will check your story, so be truthful.