Hiring Red Flags: Currently Unemployed

Hiring Red Flags: Currently Unemployed

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For some companies and hiring managers, the simple status of being unemployed is a deal breaker right from the start. And these days, even some job descriptions blatantly state that the “unemployed need not apply.” Sadly, with so many qualified applicants out there, companies are using this as a way to discriminate between candidates… and getting away with it.

Many employers make the argument that the longer an unemployed person is out of the workforce, the less “fresh” their job skills are. This stigma gets worse the longer you’re unemployed, making it an even tougher hill to climb for a job seeker. The good news is that not every company or hiring manager sees it that way. Anna H. says, “There is no guarantee that a currently employed person is any more qualified or motivated than an unemployed person.”


If you’re unemployed, find a worthy cause where you can volunteer your time and add that to your resume. If possible, pick up some freelance or consulting work. Take a class and keep your skills current. Also, make sure to keep abreast of industry happenings. The important takeaway here is to show a potential employer that you are taking steps to be engaged in the workforce, despite not having a full-time job.