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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 9 - Butcher


Prepares meat for sale to distributors, supermarket customers, and other consumers.

  • Overall Score: 1527.00
  • Income: $29,156.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
  • Hiring Outlook:

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I really really REALLY hate

I really really REALLY hate working in the butcher department of the grocery store! It's another way of being rewarded as a loser (when you're really not) when there's no other jobs you really want are available and you would be stuck there until you want to quit immediately. It's like being in prison. Prisoners should only work there, not for anyone who's in desperate need for a job.  It SUCKS like hell!!!


In a future post, I shall talk about some of the reasoning behind our choices. Fantastic info here. I always enjoy looking up your blog. I have learned a Great deal from them.


Because anyone who chops up dead bodies all day could probably use a mental health therapist!!


This is a perfect choice hours standing on cement floor 100 lb boxes are the norm all day 35 degrees and wet bloody hands all day arthritis hip replacements and back problems are common here also most butchers are missing fingers at some point in their careers.

Because a cancer center has a name with "Butcher" in it.

I don't know who Susan Butcher was, but her name graces a medical facility, and apparently mental health is part of what it does.

is that a joke?

Uh, why is Mental Health Therapist listed as a related job??


Maybe because of the cancer centers name.

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