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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 8 - Dishwasher


Cleans the plates, glasses and silverware used by patrons of an eating establishment, and the pots, pans and cooking utensils used by chefs.

  • Overall Score: 1539.00
  • Income: $18,044.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
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Dish Washer

I can't understand some of the negative comments about being a dish washer. First of all, it's just as important as being a cook or even a chef. I never get wet or smell bad after my shift mainly because I keep my kitchen area clean and do my job correctly. My attitude is to help all the restaurant workers with their work load and have fun while doing it. This is one of the problems with American workers these days: you don't know the value of putting in a good day's work and complain about the pay. There are pleanty of immigrant workers that would take your job in a minute. Oh, wait... they already are. 

I work as a dishwasher for

I work as a dishwasher for Whole Foods. It is one of the worst jobs I have ever had the displeasure of working. If all I had to do was clean dishes and mats and floors, you know, like the job description states, then it would be fine. For whatever ridiculous reason whole foods somehow expects a single dishwasher who MUST have all dishes done before 3pm, or 11pm depending on the shift, to simultaneously help prep food, make tortilla chips, skewer chickens, and help take orders at the chefs case. Sorry, but I didn't realize when I applied for this job you expected me to be able to do everybody else's job as well as my own simultaneously and still finish before my shift is over. Never work as a dishwasher for Whole Foods, $11 an Hour seems great for a college student or highschool, but trust me it's not worth the feeling of wanting to kill yourself after every shift. By the way, if you ever buy food at whole foods Prepared foods section And the dishwasher is being forced to take orders, never allow them to touch your food. their gloves often have disgusting leftover food or chicken blood on them because of how quickly they're expected to run between tasks.

Not worth it

even if you are educated and have a master's degree or even a BA, most people will treat you like you're not even human or capable of anything. 

One of the worst,

One of the worst, underappreciated job. 


Wow, I made at least $22,000 as a dishwasher; either you or your workplace sucks if you make that little as a dishwasher.

Work at chilis

Fri sat sun they make me prep/diahwash for 4 hours then leave when night shift comes. Mon tues i get 8 hrs each. So 28 hrs/wk. I get paid 9/hr. Soo this last check came out to 427 for 2 weeks. Thats barely 800 for a month of gruelling back breaking work. Im not so happy with them. 

Well the pros

I work at a small dinner hole in the wall type of place in Oregon. I get free food and as much as I want on my plate

I make more as dishwasher

I am a dishwasher at Red Robin and I get paid 11 dollars a hour and the cooks love having me there. I guess that I am just lucky. I'll be getting promoted soon to cook. 


I  HATEEEEEEEEEEEEE working as a dishwasher ,  I'm just 19  years old out of college and i gotta do whatever to pay my rent !!!  it's only been two weeks and  I'm so sick of it .  I've never done anything like this before . asshole low life chefs treat me like shiit . i get sreamed in my face , WE NEED MORE MUGS , WE NEED MORE PLATES !!!!  I'm lik You motherfucker come and get it !!! I gotta do everything at the same time , wearing glass 10  hours a day without break makes my hand smell like rotten food , i hate this so much i dont even know how to describe it. i got into a fight with one of the staff last night  ,and the manager might fire me tomorrow . i dont  give damn fuck anymore . im better than a dishwasher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's a start to move up in the kitchen

I started  off as a dishwasher and hated it. Not only did I scrub dishes  but had to prepare food  for the cooks so while cutting and peeling food  dishes would just stack up high then it be really a hassle to keep up with the dishes  most resteraunts have  dishwashers preparing food  so the best thing to do was take my time with the dishes so that way I will look busy  and only do dishes but it didn't stop there I was responsible for taking trash bags out to the back putting in new bags back in the trash can then after a certain time go out to the back and place all trash bags on the curve for the sanitationtrucks 


damn I make 8 an hr. a

I LOVE being a dishwasher!!!

Seriously, being a dish slave is the best job ever.  How could anyone not want to do it?  The work is extremely easy, I mean litterally stare at a blank wall for 8 hours a day and that's about the difficulty of the job.  I mean, how is it not fun standing in the same spot and scrubbing everyone else's slop off of plates and pots and pans?  You get soaking wet and all your clothes smell like rotten food, and you are the very last person to leave, but only after you clean up everyone else's mess that they just leave for you.  It's fun being asked to do everything for everyone all at the same time and having being literally the only employee in the resteraunt to not be tipped out.  I mean come on, how is a buss boy job tip worthy but not a dishwasher who the entire resteraunt relies on to keep dishes clean and available?  You also get to take a lot of cigarette breaks (don't smoke?  You will once you start washing dishes for a living), you get free meals and alcohol, which in my opinon is 150% better than getting paid actual money. The money, by the way, is the best part.  You get a solid minimum wage and you can tell everyone you have a respectable career that you will have no choice to do for years to come.  And if you're planning on pursuing a different job, make sure not to include your dishwashing job as a reference, because sometimes no experience is better than slave experience.  You do get to get drunk/stoned/completely drugged out of your mind on the job, as that is what all the rest of the staff is expected you to be a complete lowlife anyway, so you might as well play the part.  There is definitely job security in this career as well.  You will be working a solid 12 hours a day (to keep up with the amount of money you make, you will need to work a lot to be able to survive) and late into the night.  Expect to actually leave the resteraunt around 12-3am everynight.  Although there are no benefits, no vacation or sick pay, and no worker's comp if you get injured on the job, why need any of that anyway?  You'll soon be so engrossed in your passion for scrubbing up crap all day, you won't need anything else in life; especially a girlfriend.  You won't be getting one of those for a while.  And for a while, I mean never. Also, it's so cool to listen to all the other staff talking and laughing and having a great time while they actually make money, then they come back to you and expect you to be loving your job just as much as they are.  For exampleWaiter: "Guess what? I just made $200 for 4 hours worth of work! I can't wait to go out and spend it on my new car so I can pick up a bunch of random chicks!  What are you doing tonight?"Dishwasher: "I'm going to get out of here at 3:30 tomorrow morning and go home and figure out how I am going to be able to afford food off of $8 an hour."Waiter: "Ohh... cool man, well have a great night!"So while all your friends are out having fun and enjoying their days and evenings doing normal stuff you wish you cod be doing, just remember, you're developing a useless skill that you can't take anywhere with you for the rest of your life.  Happy dishwashing everyone!

How is it going now better ?

How is it going now better ? It's 2016 idk if you'll find this comment again 


Haa sometimes you dont have a choice tho man and I've done way worse believe you me this is a walk in the park compared to what i have done haa but that part where they alldont give a fuck and leave with out even knowing the fuckery of thhe shift you just is on point i hate snobby ass waitresses and waiters 


when you were a dishwasher did you want to puke at the end of every shift?

spot on!!!

i would have written this comment if you hadnt.

That sounds about right!

That sounds about right!

I want a dishwasher job in

I want a dishwasher job in frankfurt

I work at a Red Lobster as a

I work at a Red Lobster as a dish washer for ten an hour and sure, it gets busy. I have amazing coworkers and we all cooperate together and our managers are some of the nicest around. I value my job very much, Im introverted and socially anxious, so its the perfect job where I dont have to deal with the costumers.

Working as a dishwasher in a sports bar

I worked two summers ago part-time for a sports bar in my neighborhood, and today the manager asked me if I'd come back and work there again and I told him yes.  It's really a cool job if you're a guy and don't mind getting dirty.  It's like getting paid to work out.  It clears my mind, there's not a lot of thinking involved, and I feel macho and tough.  Only problem is that I don't speak enough Spanish to really talk much with the other guys there.  Wouldn't want to do it full-time; I'd get super tired.  But one or two shifts a week is a great gig.

I a new dishwasher at Fridays

I a new dishwasher at Fridays is cool cuz of the pay but they told me they wanted me cool learn to cook but I ant in the corner for 8-9 hours washing and its just me no help. I'm really thinking of quiting soon I took the Job to earn some more cash for my family but I feel they playing me as a new dish man.I don't feel they will ever show me how to coo and I been there for were two weeks now I need help making up my mind I need a real anwer from anyone I wanna know should I keep going r drop it plz help 

If you learnt how to spell

If you learnt how to spell correctly you might be able to get a better job.

This reaponse kills me. The

This reaponse kills me. The commentor is right though, learn proper English. 


yea dishwashing is awesome if you like working the hardest and getting paid the least while your lazy coworkers ask you for favors they never repay while they sit on their lazy *****, oh not to mention not having an actual dishwashing machine so you have to wash everything by hand in an unventilated closet of a workspace. and work for a total ***** ******* of a boss. but when rent is due it doesnt matter

I make $10/hr as a dishwasher

I like washiny dishes . I get a guaranteed 30 hrs per work , make 10 hr plus tips , a good check . I wear a leather apron though :) I don't get too wet . Steady job . With this economy take it but not for less than $10-12/hr . Khoi need money to pay the doctor or chiropractor after all that hard work.


what job is this 

Yeah, I love scraping slop

Yeah, I love scraping slop off plates, and burning my hands in red hot water to scrub more off pots and pans, and slipping around on a greasy floor, and smelling of bacon greese and coffee, working 9 hours straight without a singe break, or drink, not even time to go for a ****.Just non stop. I love being treated like absolute **** by my manager. I love it so much, especially during the summer when everyone is outside enjoying the sun, playing in the river and I'm surrounded by a fog of steam. Life is great. 

How is dishwashing rated

How is dishwashing rated higher than being a server?


having done both, i completely agree.

Good question. The server

Good question. The server makes more if he or she works harder. The dishwasher makes the same no matter what. The server gets cash tips that usually don't ever make it to the tax records. All the dishwasher's wages are usually notted. There is a slight variation to this, though: on a good night where things are really moving, DECENT waitstaff will collect a tip-out for the dishwashers as well as the bus staff. But still-- it's nasty, humid, loud, thankless work.


Dishwashing blows. It can be stressful, depending on how busy it is.  I have to work 8 hour shifts, which is terrible, but I get the same amount of part-time hours as my friends in a week, but I only have to work for a day.  At least my manager is not a total dick (yet) *Praying*.It's a part-time job...just suck it up and show off your stacks to your broke friends. idk.


This site actually just listed enlisted military soldier as one of the 10 worst jobs, right next to dishwasher and waitress really? First of all, I know a ton of people that love the service industry and make a good living. And if you can take care of you washing dishes, then rock on. But shame on this website for listing as one of the worst jobs as our military, our soldiers. Boo. These lists created by generic stat gathering surveys and databases are ridiculous and sad. If you don't like what you do change it.


one of the worst jobs ever. did it for 2 months then quit, it is so crap its unreal


i thought they were talking about worst jobs that one could get after getting a college degree. This is bs, these jobs are usually taken by the teens and young adults who are in school or looking for an actual job. this sisnt help at all 


I am currently a dishwasher at whole foods market. I make 12 dollars an hour...and don't have to deal with guest service...i get to listen to music..and do my thing. If your high enough...washing dishes can be a zen like experience..

Exactly. it aint that bad at

Exactly. it aint that bad at all.

Dishwashing at whole foods...

Is it laidback like you can come in High without any problems with managers..and is there any room for advancement? 


it sure is. but if your doin a buffet it might be a lil more challenging.

this was my first job

After I was done working as a dishwasher, I never worked as one, and will never work as one, ever again...



Although it's been decades since I was employed in a restaurant, I actually enjoyed working as a dishwasher. Yeah the pay sucked, but getting free meals was a perk and stress was not a factor.


I find dishwashing to be a meditative activity. It's just you and the pots. Steamy water and suds. You pick up a rhythm. The kitchen melts away and it's just you and your uncomplaining cookwear. I won't wash forever, it doesnt pay, but while I'm doing what I'm doing I'm just enjoying life. Seriously.

Dishwasher Pay

I work at a Waldorf Astoria Resort as a dishwasher and i get paid $19/hour. With all the benifits. All i gotta do is deliver foods at banquets and taking them back to the big machine for it to get washed and put away. Simple

Gotta stereotype the brother

C'mon man...these pictures are whacked!

Love Being a Dishwasher

I just love wiping half eaten slop into a giant, stinking trash can and then slipping on the greasy floor and practically breaking my neck. The smell of all the rotting food makes me want to vomit, but hey I'm making $7.50 an hour. I can handle all of this, but I'm truly sick of the douche bag manager.

I second that. When I was a

I second that. When I was a dish washer I made $4.25 and hour under the table and it sucked! It was always the coldest room in the winter and the hottest in the summer. I went home smelling disgusting every day. The only highlight to that job was going back to just washing the dishes after doing the monthly scrubbing of the chicken coolers. DISGUSTING!

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