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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 6 - Waiter/Waitress

Waiter Waitress

Takes customer orders, serves food and drink, and prepares meal checks.

  • Overall Score: 1575.00
  • Income: $18,088.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
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Did you read what you wrote?

Did you read what you wrote?  If you do not like dish washing and have never been tipped once then stop dish washing. You cannot judge what you do not know. looking for architecture companies in dubai? visit here





I been waiting tables and i make about 500 a week on slow season i get paid 5 dollars an hour on busy season i make a 1000 dls a week counting all the cash i take hardly work 80 hrs in two weeks

Where do you work? I'm

Where do you work? I'm sending in apps for waitressing but they said they will start me off as host first if I get hired. But I would like to know what kind of restraunt will get me good tips? I don't think I can serve alcohol under the age of 21 so cocktail waitress isn't an option haha... Thank you!


I have been dishwashing for years and not once been tipped out. Servers ALWAYS want more and more they are never satisfied. Be glad you get paid cash money every day and for once stop complaining...if you don't like serving tables stop doing it.   

Did you read what you wrote?

Did you read what you wrote?  If you do not like dish washing and have never been tipped once (for a job that doesn't get tipped) then stop dish washing. You cannot judge what you do not know. I've been waiting tables for 8 years, yes it is my choice, it is not however much of one. I do in fact have a college education and a dream career I am working towards. However, it's easy to say if you don't like that stop. With really no credentials or any other work experience, in a Horrible economy non the less, it is hard to find any work that pays more than minimum wage. I do agree with u that if ppl hate their job soo much and constantly complain than quit! But it's easire said than done when you have nobody to help you when you're unemployed or not making enough money to survive. I hate complainers who have complete choice to change what they complain about. The job I wait tables for is not the usual complainta of, "oh my boss sucks". The owners treat people worse than anything I've ever seen. They are racists, most disrespectful, heartless, and far from professional or human. They treat the mexican kitchen workers worse than animals (have even at times made them go to the bathroom Outside cuz they don't want the customers to see 'dirty Mexicans' walking to the restrooms). They are not aloud to have ANY drinks from the diner n must buy and bring their own bottled waters. And they are treated HORRIBLY much worse than the wait staff because the owner figure tgsy are illegal and can't get them in trouble. For the wait staff, If you call out sick (even once in 6 months, finding your own replacement) you will be punished. Which includes some or all of, told you have to take the next 1-7 days off, upon return not giving you but a fraction of the tables others have gotten, and/or days permanently taken off ypur schedule.  in 8 years of waitressing I have NEVER had A Single break. Weather I worked an 8 hour shift or a 12 hour shift. Not one. You run non Stop for hours, take shit from the cooks, busboys, hosts, the owners, and the customers Blame you for the hosts, busboys and cooks mistakes. All of this while not eating, drinking, having a break or even sitting down for hours. In my diner you get yelled at for everything, from standing in the wrong spot, to talking to the customers, for having a drink or water, going to the bathroom, everything. If you go to get a fountain soda and it's empty (comes out clear) and so you throw away the fizzed water, the owner will tell the host to take it out of your pay. If you are late, due to a snow storm, even by a few min, you will be sent home. Even if you had gotten a ride from someone, risking driving in a lot of snow, and only a few min late, sent home. They will watch you take food from the cook they don't like how it looks, and wait for you to serve it, and them come out and yell/humiliate you in front of the customers, tell you to go take it away from the customer and bring it back...that thing they didn't like could be a coleslaw they feel was filled too much. Sexual harassment happens too frequently even from the owner. With the guys in the kitchen I've had the owners tell me, "you're not aloud to talk to the kitchen help, cause if something happens and they sexually harras you then we won't care or do anything cause you asked for it and we told you not to talk to them". The owner fights with every single delivery guy or maintenance worker and has even pushed several (especially black or Spanish). Roof workers, the owner went on the roof, threw ALL of their food/drinks and Tools off the roof, got down and took the ladder, that time police came. I could go on and on and on. I support myself and aas unemployed and tried for jobs anywhere even cashier, anything I could And was unemployed for over 6 months. If I don't work i have Nobody to help support me. the only way out of waitressing is to waitress until my career starts to take off. 

you should know how hard a

you should know how hard a dishwasher works then if you work in a resturant. All you waiters and waitress bitch about everything. And when you guys fuck up, guess who has to deal with it? Yea thats right diswashers, shut the hell up you ungrateful bitch


You are a DISHWASHER. You WASH DISHES. You stand in the dish pit and wash what is put in front of you and then put it away. That's pretty much it. If a server messes up, it has nothing to do with you. So you need to take your own advice and shut the hell up.

please try waitressing and

please try waitressing and actually earn the tips, or at least try and receive decent tips from the charity of people these days. If you're fed up, stop bitching and see what it's like being a waiter for a while, then you can come back and bitch all you want because it is NOT easy serving the public and keeping everyone happy. I don't understand that it would be your fault if a waiter "fucks up" , your washing the aftermath of the meal, after the customer has gone. It's the process during the customers' stay in which lies the main stress and you're not part of that, waiters are. So you're just sounding like a cry baby. 

Try painting houses for $10

Try painting houses for $10 an hour and working in the sun like slave labor and listen to a bunch of people complain about making $11 an hour (the national average) carrying food back and forth to tables. Try falling off a ladder and getting up sore the next day to climb some more with sore muscles and listen to people complain about how their first job ever (with no basis of comparison) doesn't pay them enough because somebody was mean. Servers are whiners. Everyone in the restaurant industry knows it, but they have the public fooled. You make plenty. Go try another job you're qualified for (like none.) and see how it stacks up. If you knew math, you'd know the $100 cash in your pocket at the end of the night goes to frivolous crap and that if you actually totalled up what you make, you'd feel ridiculous about all the people you complain to.

oh yeah?

Well why dont you try sitting at a desk all day? After sitting at a desk all day and going into debt $85,000 for undergrad, and $190,000 for Law School, and studying my butt off, I have to sit at a desk ALL DAY some more!I sit at a desk when it is cold. I sit at a desk when it is hot. I sit at a desk while I yell at my secretary because my coffee is old. I have only gone to court twice in 8 years, because insurance companies usually settle.Get off your feet and sit at a desk all day. Then come back and tell me whats up.


What kills me is when customers automaticallyt assume you're getting paid minimum wage or being tips out from the sales. No... That's not how it is eight times out of ten... I've had an eight-top table tell me to take the gratuity off the check so that they could tip me NOTHING. It was about $137 bill. No. Just no.

The system is broken

The system of being paid nothing for serving is just plain wrong.  I think it should be standard built into the checks always for every restaurant, or restaurants should not be paying people $2.13/hr for the work.  


Ive worked at 3 different Hooters for a total of 8 yrs and let me tell you, our girls and I bust our butts and do NOT make "$500-$600" a night like you say you make, Ive never seen any girls make that much at any Hooters Ive worked at on a REGULAR basis. Just so people know we are normal girls not a bunch of skanky bimbos like you are making us sound! lol I average $80-$150 a shift and love my fun & challenging job as a server! Give Hooters a chance, it's just a sports bar with tight tank tops, who cares lighten up! :)

i agree

Well put

This is a tricky business

I was so close to being trapped at a chain buffett as a Cashier, and/or Baker and/or Server plus needing a second job before I found my niche at a local bar up the road. We have a small crew and a lot of history, we work together as much as possible and not only do the job well but have fun with it. Servers make 1$ an hour after taxes, that's it. The tips vary incredibly from person to person, and there's as much luck involved as there is effort and advertising for a certain day. However, I'd like to keep this job for a very long time. I can't afford school and I'll be paying hospitals and loans for a while, so I've needed at least 2 job at a time since I made it on my own. But I've been able to take a solid 6 months to relax with just this job, and I've worked on planning and furthering my life. While it's about time I get back into overdrive with a 2nd job, I love where I'm at now and I'd love to stay. I love my job!


Work in California, 8 dollars per hour minimum wage plus good tips... I make like 30 bucks an hour waiting.   


I'm moving to California lol I live in Michigan and make $2.65 an hour as a server. 

I'm a 20 year old male about to be a waiter but probably not

Thank you for posting your comments.I had a job for today. They would pay me $40 for 12 hours!! ><from 7p.m. to 7a.m. The place doesn't look like they have clients at allso I don't knowShe told me I would get $40 plus the tips but the neighborhoood looks like a normal place, it's not  a ghetto nor is it a place where rich people are abundant..I'm not gonna GOThank you that's a Rip-off!I have dignity and my dignity is to become an ACTIVIST coz this is ridiculous! My favorite in school was History so I know exactly how history has made us who we are..the filth rich and the working peasants -__- 


 I have nothing against folks working at Hooters, but let's try to stay rational here. You're having fun because it's a fun, party-type environment---not all places are. I also don't think it's fair for a person to say that waiting tables isn't stressful---you can say it's not stressful for YOU because it does come easy for some folks. But not for everyone.

i am 14 years of age and i

i am 14 years of age and i want to be a waitress i don't mind long-working hours atleast it keeps you busy plus the people you can meet is great i know it isn't all rainbows and butterflies but if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen as it's known

Stupid go to school

Stupid go to school


The stress factor needs to be multiplied by at least a hundred. I WISH I made $200 a week, my checks are usually about $60 for 30 hours of work plus whatever I get tipped, which is usually around 40-60 dollars. I feel like I'm getting ripped off, and my boss gives me my days I have to work that week instead of way in advance. I hardly ever get the days I want off, plus I'm doing dishes and practically running the restaurant on top of that. Out of three waitresses, I'm the main one. I need a different job :(

i can relate!!!

Iam the only waitress were i work. And i basically do everything. I fill the ice machine up. I wife down all the tables counters the stuff on the tables. I serve the food. I clean windows. I give the tiicket to the people who cook. I clean the tables after they are done eating. I prepare the serving side dishes. And i also do all the dishes and put them all away and i also get the to go food ready and put in a bag and hand it to the people. I cant totally unferstand were u are coming from. and i dont make much tips if iam lucky 4 dollars. Bcause the people who come in are so rude. I feel like i running the restaurant myself too.


How is that possible? That would be about $2 an hour...

no, it is true!!

the minimum wage for a waitress is $2.13 an hour, so you're right. and as a server, you get that an hour plus tips, but even that doesn't pan out to much sometimes. On a really good day, with wage already included in with tips, we can average to about $9 an hour...but that's on a good day. I've walked out with literally a $30 check at the end of two weeks, and around $50 in doesn't add up to much and with bills and expenses, it goes fast. be nice and tip out your waiters/ waitresses at the overall average of 12%- 15% please and thank you! :) 

$60 for 30 hours!?

I work in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and I make $8.00 an hour baseline PLUS about $120 in tips per night.  You poor things, find another job as a server!!

Very accurate

The very fact the people think that servers make a ton of money is one of the reasons why we don't make money. If everyone assumes we make 50k a year, then why should they feel inclined to leave more than 5 dollars?Do you see what it is? The sad truth is servers get paid a lot less, matter in fact roughly 14-22k a year, depending on experience. It is not some magical job you just walk into and make tons of cash. It is very stressful and a lot of people expect excellent service and pay less than someone you gave worse service to.Furthermore, it is psycologically proven that a woman will always get tipped more in the exact same circumstances.In addition, comparing a cocktail waiter to an average server in a  restruant is unfair. Not everyone has the chance of serving alcohol. 

You truly don't know the

You truly don't know the business. I'm a 32 year old male and I regularly make more than the girls I work with in the same circumstances. Some of them are very attractive but it doesn't mean they make more money. 

Hi,You guys earn at least

Hi,You guys earn at least some money.  around 60k a year? Great. My waiter sallary is lover in Slovenia where I work. I beleive that you work in some good restaurant where you have al a carte menu"s. Here in Slovenia we serve not only "al a carte", we also serve special types of guest (students) they have subsidized food. So we mostly serve subsidized food which is cheaper than al a carte menu. Waiters work more to serve cheaper food and consequently earn less money. Best regards.

not really

Most don't make even close to $60k. More like a third of that. It all depends on where you work and how much you work and how busy it is.

Frank "The Punisher" Castle

I worked in a Waikiki tourist restaurant for nine years as a busboy and host.  Never a waiter but we did lots of the same work.  Its pretty much hell and the waiters hated their jobs even though they made pretty good money for a waiter about $35k.

The info given on

The info given on waiters/waitresses is so flawed.Lack of pay raises. Who cares? Anybody who has any basic knowledge of restaurants knows that hourly pay is of very little importance to anybody who works in any tipped position. Does the writer even know the federal minimum wage for tipped employees? Can the writer find a restaurant that actually pays above the minimum wage? The federal minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.13 an hour, while in some states it is higher. Do you really think a waiter is going to tell you what he makes in cash tips? Not one tells the IRS and most don't tell anyone.


1. I've waited tables for years.  Hourly wage IS important as it's what I'm paying my taxes with.  If I didn't have that, I'd be paying the IRS every year. 2.  I tell the IRS what I make, because I claim every dollar I make so I get a better return at the end of the year.


By reporting every dollar as a waiter, you are not getting a better return. The tips you report, you haven't paid taxes on. So the more you income you report, the more you have to pay in taxes. Good god, get a clue. 

You pay the taxes with the

You pay the taxes with the piddly wage you get. I never see a paycheck as that is used to pay taxes on the tips reported.


WRONG. You reprt your tips in order to have a paper trail so that the IRS can prove that you make that much money and so that you CAN pay taxes on it. Also so that you can qualify for loans and the like. What would be the point of reporting your tips if it came with no benefits? And as for them taking more out for the tips that you claim, not really true. Speaking from experience, I know that it came out to about the same, when I didn't claim my tips and when I did. It was just nice to get a fat check at the begining of the year to cushion my bank account.

Wrong, servers/waiters/barten

Wrong, servers/waiters/bartenders pay taxes every week on their tips. They have to declare their tips every shift and the info is then sent to payroll where they figure out how much taxes are taken out of your check and deduct it accordingly. I don't know where you got your info from or where you worked but I have been in the Restarant industry for over 25 years and have worked in three states for major chains and  taxes have ALWAYS been taken out of the checks.

me too...

me too...

Claimed Tips

The income they show for servers seems low. It's common for servers to not claim all of there tips. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I'm sure the yearly income is much higher than what is shown. 


your absolutly wrong. I've been a waiter for 6yrs. and NEVER have I EVER made even 25k. I at most can top out at 500/week. But that is working my *** off, at the worst job. People are ********, waiters spend 6-9hrs running without food, restroom, or even a chance to breathe.Constant headache, take your 8hrs of a work day, and try waiting tables. You will realize there is nothing to even compare. waiting tables is HELL. and we do a ton for  some $3 dollar tip.


Boy are you ever right; people think that it's a simple, mindless job. I'm telling you that it is hard ,hard work where you get little to no respect.Try it someday and you'll find out fast just how hard it is to make a living.No pension,no 401k, no benefits, long hours and less than minimum wage. You customers should praise & thank every server for making our job appear esay for that is the magic of waiting tables.  

The waitresses in the

The waitresses in the resteraunt I work in do NOT make 400-500 a week they are lucky if they make 200 a week so count your blessings.


I have been waitressing in restaurants and nightclubs for about 8 years now. Waitressing is a high stress job, but most of the time is a very FUN job!

I am making around $400 a night, (upwards of $70k a year) in addition, I work with other like minded, social young people, I get to sleep in, and can take time off to travel anytime I want.

I am saving for my retirement and able to have a happy life!

Serving is not for everyone, but if you have an upbeat attitude, know how to handle the occasional rude customer and don't mind the late nights, it can be a very fulfilling and rewarding path to financial success!

Retirement savings?

 how do you save for retirement? 

Kia, where do you work?

Kia, where do you work?

Cocktail waitressing...just a

Cocktail waitressing...just a guess, but it sounds about right.

high intensity but good money

i work as a waiter in las vegas[12 years already] i work 4 days a week...fri sat sunday off.....i bring about 250$ per medical and pension....i take a month vacation every year......i think i have it all.....yes its a high intensity work as we are the 3rd busiest rest in the country...
wouldn't change my job for another......


OK night clubs and VEGAS doesn't really count as everyday waitressing people!  Try waiting tables for $2/hour at a death's in rural Kentucky in winter time. Nobody who lives in the real world is pulling down that much money that's like asking a lottery winner about Why they love their job so much. ugh!

Where do you work?

Where do you work?


The comment from the girl at Hooters was sort of silly. Yes, you can make good money having fun---if you're at the right place. I have nothing against folks working at Hooters, but let's try to stay rational here. You're having fun because it's a fun, party-type environment---not all places are. I also don't think it's fair for a person to say that waiting tables isn't stressful---you can say it's not stressful for YOU because it does come easy for some folks. But not for everyone.

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