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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 4 - Oil Rig Worker

Oil Rig Worker

Performs routine physical labor and maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines, both on and off shore.

  • Overall Score: 1627.00
  • Income: $32,132.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
  • Hiring Outlook:

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i love the sound of it

hire me up scotty

Want to be an oil rig worker

<p>Hi guys,can you help me please? really wanted&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;job in the oil rig as an entry level roustabout or at the least position in the rig. I am from India kindly mail me&nbsp; n</p>

That is horrible pay for that

That is horrible pay for that kind of work the oil companies should be ashamed of themselves they pay the deck hands and drill operators the worst pay and they do all the work. Then a college graduate comes in with a degree.  And makes twice the money the laborer makes and he's busting his ass. Oil companies that's sad really sad.

Any suggestions

I am currently in the military and planning on getting out soon. I have no experience on oil rigs. military is all I know. Any suggestions on what companies to look at. mind you I have a family to support not just myself. 

how to get an oilfield job

Best advice I have, get lucky or know someone on a rig. It took me 2 years of applying to get a call back. The only thing, they dont look at the tkaes someone mentioning your name forr them to call you. After 2 years of trying, it took a chance encounter of someone I know being a contractor and having a contract at a drilling company for me to get my job. Starting wages in west texas for a floorhand with a big company is about 60k a year plus bonuses (if your lucky enough to get on a rig with a conyract with bonuses). No degree will help you get your foot in the door at entry level field positions. The only thing you can do to help your chances is to go out to rigs and talk to the tool pusher if you have a dog close to your house. ... but some companies will not let you on site under those pre-tense.  Hope I helped

get a life work at bk

get a life work at bk

My job

I am 20 years old going on 21 and I have been working off shore for about a year now. People think oh .. offshore is hard work//...  it can be for some people just depends on what u hire on for .... for exaple if you hire on with Blake you will probly start at around 17-20 bucks an hour only cause its all drilling ... Now when people hear the word drilling or offshore they think 10 - 12 hours a day full of grease and hard manual labor .... But its not what u think... Everything offshore is about safety.. if 1 inncodent happens and im not talking about accident or injury .. just an incodent, Everyone in the gulf will know about it from safety meetings in the morning. so with that said people take there time . its not all rush and killing your self over work. people take breaks.. alot of there are a copuple diff aspects to offshore for example ,,, Drilling, Production, Jackup construction, contractors, engineering. To make money like people say they make opinion is to hire on with either chevron, apache, shell, bp and a couple more in PRODUCTION... production guys basicly in a nut shell go offshore for there hitch to keep shit running ... and shit typically stays running by its self all on computers . you can open and close valves to basicly anything on the plat form from a click of a mouse in the office of a living quarters offshore . they only are there to keep up everything and change parts of wells and other equiptment on the rig if it goes bad,,, and get this they make up to 30 -40 bucks an hour. Thats just what ive seen from working off shore. now i make only 12 an hour but i work for a seperate contractor. i get about 40h regular time 50-60h overtime. usually 100 hours a week. but my job is easy ,. i inspect Cranes and repair them .im only a helper but trying to move up. .. if u want to make bank go with a big name company willing to pay the big bucks ... from what i have learned Money aint nothing but a thing offshore . 

Ive worked 35 years in the

Ive worked 35 years in the industry, 20 years for drilling contractors and 15 years for oil companies. The big money is with the oil companies and you get treated better. Current day rates for the position I hold is +/- USD2,000 per day. The best way to get started in through the drilling contractors or sevice companies.

Hello,can you help me please?

Hello,can you help me please? really wanted to land a job in the oil rig as an entry level roustabout or at the least position in the rig. i am from the philippines and please contact me with my email 

Hello,can you help me please?

Hello,can you help me please? really wanted to land a job in the oil rig as an entry level roustabout or at the least position in the rig. i am from the philippines and please contact me with my email 

i am 17 going on 18 years old

i am 17 going on 18 years old & i am curious about howis the work enviroment & more. Im physically active& im not lazy or anything but i hear constantly that its a dangerous job & its a great way to lose limbs or body parts. i would like to get details about it & explain to me how its like if theres any chance you can.

Not accurate

I work in the Bakken and drilling work pays around 125k/year. I moved up with no experience and make around 80-100k/year.


I havee a job as a forklift oprater in transport company how can i get a oil rig job in abudhabi

Oil rig medic

I am a medic and looking for oil rig work, I am wondering what kind of money would I be on. 

please help

Hi, i presently studying petroleum engineering in philippines. I will graduate in this coming march 2014. so how can i find a oil rig job with no experience? someone please help me through this problem..Thank u

Your best bet will be with

Your best bet will be with service companies, not major companies. Service companies (with well-established training programs) are more likely to hire you. One, they will sponsor you a visa over larger companies. Larger US based companies take US PE's. Get  finished with school first; the jobs are available. You will find one. Thus said, like everyone you will start at the bottom. Not a roustabout, of course but dont be suprised to take a job as a Mud Engineer, etc.

I made 21 dollars an hour 40

I made 21 dollars an hour 40 reg hours 48 ot hours 6 years ago

for job

Respected sir,i am looking for rig, i don't have offshore experience but if you give me a chance then i will proof you that i am much better than the others who are offshore returner.thanking you sir need your feedback at the earliest


I don't know ANY oil field worker who starts anywhere NEAR $32,000 a year. What a joke. If that was the pay, no one would do the job!! It's hard work, long hours, and good pay. My husband started out at about $80k/yr. NO WAY would we have made the sacrifice of hardly seeing each other, and him working such a physically demanding and dangerous job for a measley $32k. Why are they trying to discourage people from seeking a job in the oil industry??

I agree That is SO SO SO not

I agree That is SO SO SO not what our experience was. My husband started off as a floorhand making 75k STARTING. We would have NEVER EVER even applied to a job that would have threatenened his life and kept us apart for 32k a yr. YOu make that working at the grocery store nice and safe and close to home! 

I need your help

I'm Alberto from Italy and i have 32 years old. I would know if you can help me to find a work in a drilling company.. i apply several times but nothing.. i would start from the bottom but i need a recommendation. I'm willing to work abroad, America, Asia, Europe or Asia, anywhere is possible to find a job. Please contact me. My email albertofontana81@yahoo.itThank youAlbert

Salary Offshore

This $32k salary they speak of is an average based on a LOT of things. For example, where you live, what company you work for, the position you have/your duties, hours, danger/hazards of your position, etc. I'm sure they didn't include overtime and bonuses in that either. They most like polled a handful of companies asking what the starting pay for the lowest offshore position is and only calculated by the 40 hours a week that most are guaranteed upon hire. While I am sure starting pay has gone up in the past 10 years, I will still give you a more personal example. My husband got hired on at a rather large well known company mid January 2004 as a "hand," as all new hires without this company's training did back then, @ $8/hr plus time and a half for overtime and double pay for working on a holiday, guaranteed 40 hours per week (despite his previous oilfield experience). When you multiply 40 hours per week by $8 per hour, then multiply that by 52 weeks per year, it's not even $17k. Even if starting pay was $12/hr for a hand, at 40 hrs that's just under $25k.  But yes, even that first year starting @ $8/hr, he still made a great deal more than the $32k advertise above.Like I said before,  there are a lot of factors that go into the claimed salary of $32k/yr. They can only advertise what a the "average" amount that the "average" oil company will "guarantee" a new hire. I've been smack dab in the middle of the oilfield ALL of my life with one grandfather being a well known,  in high demand, mud/chemical engineer who contracted himself out to oil companies for months at a time, before retirement. Another grandfather who owned not one, but two oilfield companies. One of which he eventually allowed Howard Hughes to buy into and then finally merged with Baker to become Baker Hughes. Shortly after the merger,  he sold out completely to Baker, then retired. A father, a stepfather, my husband, 2 uncles, 2 neighbors, and a WHOLE LOT of friends in the oilfield. Point is, I've know people at the very bottom of the totem, the very tip top of the totem, and everywhere in between. So, trust me when I say, just because we got lucky, that does not mean there is NO WAY someone in this line of business could make so little. Also, keep in mind, such things as hurricanes and moritoriums can put a real damper on an offshore worker's paycheck. For instance, a friend of mine is married to an offshore diver. I'm sure you know they make REALLY good money. She told me the year of the moritorium which was followed by a lack of drilling permits, her husband didn't even make $30k. 

Lol@$8. I'm a "hand" and make

Lol@$8. I'm a "hand" and make $23/hr. and it's a small company. 


Hello,I'm Alberto from Italy. How can i get a job on your company even without experince? I'mworking for USA government in Italy and i have a bachelor in politic and science.Can you pleasehelp me? I can even start from the bottom..Thank you


how did you get in the oil field? Im currently seeking a job on a rig

Education....Worth it?

I am getting my degree in extractive resources technology........will this help in finding a job in the oil field and starting at a higher position

The only education is help is

The only education is help is an engineering degree

where do you get your facts?

i was working in saskatchewan last summer, was clearing 2k after tax (at $17 base hourly + $400 living allowance).  not to mention, my rent and food were both paid.  most people onsite were making 30+ an hour, most clear $5500 every two weeks, especially in fort mcmurray.  but yeah, it's dangerous, isolated, cold, dirty, and not suitable for everyone.  weaklings.  

Am I eligible to join this field?

I have completed diploma in nautical science with Indian CDC, I m willing to get into this field as Roustabout ,can I?

on a rig

its hard work!!

OIL FIELD JOB (help needed)

I heard of a great company to work for, I have a friend who has worked for them.  Company in called CUDD I believe, and they do something called "snubbing" on natural as wells.  My friend said the work is really dangerous but well worth the pay.  He makes 100k plus a year.  And they do not lay off when times are slow.  Cudd out of Fort Worth, TX.  They also hire CDL drivers.  My friend said they are always looking for good help.  no education needed, they train you.

looking for oil field jobs

Can you send me some more information regarding this and how to apply??


Hi, I'm currently 20 years old, male and I am in university studying for a maths degree. The thing is, I hate uni life. It'sboring, and I wanna experience new things. My question is, how did your friend get into the business of workingon an oil rig?  Thanks

Need Work Immediately!

I have worked in the oil field for a year and the money wasn't have bad. Now I have a strong desire to return to make some real money. SOS...  

Oil industry is really a

Oil industry is really a growing industry nowadays..I'm also thinking to make a good career in this industry..I've discussed it with my friends also they also interested to go there.


i just wanted to hubby is 48 years old and he wanted to go to wyoming for oil rig job..


Kindly tell me which certificate course help to get entry level jobs in rig.

You can get the job if you

You can get the job if you are physically capable. No education needed.


In Norway you are viewed as very lucky if you get work on an oil rigg, salaries starts at 100 000$ a year! And then you got the bonuses and overtime , easily adds up to 150 000$ a year, and you work 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off :). But in the US you work more, earn less and the equipment and security is not as good.


in alberta money is about $400 a day , you dont need much for brains , just be safe . go to nisku alberta in october , then get first aid and h2s course ..about 3 days . apply at ensign - encore ...thats it your in...worst job in the world ..but great money .

For everyone looking to get on a rig

RigZone dot comOilhands dot comand google drilling companies Good luck,  I spent years trying to get on a rig until I was blessed with an Opportunity to become a Drilling fluids engineer. My clothes stay clean most of the time 

can u work in oil rig in summer time

can you work in the oilr rig in summer time as im in school but work a an electrician and i just need more money to pay for my school upfront  say 20 to 30k all of summer time?

job for oil rig

hi i am mr sohel patwary work at pump man at tanker ship.... i have 12 year experiance. for tanker ship... so now i interstade to work at oil rig.....

Wages are way off

Nobody in the company I work for makes less then $100k.   In fact, most people out here in West Texas work in this industry.  I know of nobody that makes less the 80k.

navy ship yard worker

 I work on navy ships for 5 yrs work I am getting slow and i've always been interested in oil rigging Can u help.


Do you know of any job opportunities where you work? i really need to start working to help my family



i have a job for you.only 35k

i have a job for you.only 35k Per year


i pay 6.50/hr

Wage is wrong,

I know guys who make 350,000 a year on the rigs.

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