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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 3 - Enlisted Military Soldier

military soldier

From serving food in the mess hall to fighting a battle on the front line to avoiding land mines along the path to a village, the duties a soldier carries out have very different levels of responsibility.

  • Overall Score: 1703.00
  • Income: $36,261.00

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No way

Being a dishwasher was more stressful than this, and Iv done both.


After going through all these comments and reading what everyone has to say about the topic is frustrating.  For all the military personel out there, past and present, I thank you and respect you. For all the law abiding/ contributing citizens, I respect you as well. What kind of Americans are we if we don't trust in one another. I used to be a civilian too, but I'm a active duty nco in the Army and been in for about 4 yrs. Do I want to get out eventually? Yes. I can sit here and complain all day about my past surgeries and deployment but for what? Anyone can complain or compare which lifestyle is better, or even point fingers at eachother. At the end of the day, our children will grow up watching the people of America slowly tear eachother apart from the inside unless we do something about it. If you don't agree with the war(s), then vote for someone else. Support the men and women that fight the war that the politician YOU elected agreed to sign us up for. As far as taxes go, we all pay taxes. I pay taxes to the state I have not lived in for 4 yrs. It's all irrelevant in the bigger picture, so for all you negative SOB's out there. Be proud to be an American and support one another, without eachother, the future looks dim for our children! if you ain't cav.......

Thank you!

Your words are inspirational. I too plan to join soon. Everything you said is very genuine and heartfelt thank you for your servicd and sacrifice!

In reply to: "Minimum I.Q. for Marine Drill Sgt"

I'm interested to hear your reasons for urging others to not enlist/accept a commission.  I'll approach the subject in this manner: if there were no military, we would not be a free country, PERIOD.  Are those who SERVE "henchmen" for Uncle Sam?  Yes, you could say that we are.  We're doing our country's bidding.  Does America get involved in matters that we should stay out of?  I would say yes, but you're forgetting that service members do not have the ability to question orders.To be completely honest, our society could truly benefit from the values that are instilled into America's service members.  Marines, for example, live and breathe "honor, courage and commitment".  The goal is to make the most efficient Marine as possible while you're in, but when it's your time to punch the clock, our goal is to send a valuable and productive member back into society--one who is able to contribute in a positive manner.  Turn on the news and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about...we've become a welfare society where everyone wants hand-outs, no one wants to work or earn a living, everyone thinks they're a victim, etc.  The same mentality is slowly starting to creep into the military and it is truly saddening.In conclusion, the military is not for everyone, but make no mistake about it that the military is absolutely vital to our security as a nation.  My advice is that next time you urge people to not enlist or accept a commission, state your reasons why.  I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I'm willing to bet your were singing a different tune about the military after 9/11.  I think your problem lies with the government (president, congress, politics, etc) and not so much the military as an organization.


I would really like to see though, if there would be nearly as many soldiers in the military if they didn't have the extensive perk package they get.  I'm really sorry...but when it comes down to it, soldiers are just doing a job, that THEY signed up why should we care about them so much?  They get away from paying tax, the housing is free (my brother in law still pays utilities though), free school, the admiration is there, and they seem to get even more than that without it being official.  Not to mention...they still complain.  I can barely find a family with under 4 children here at Bragg...and it's just wrong.  They seem to look at them as pay bonuses, because they barely give a damn what they do.  The job market is even effected by the base.  Around here, if a civilian and a soldier both had the same qualifications for an open job, the soldier would get it...and that's NOT right.  Especially if it was a part time position.  Soldiers ARE supposed to question orders.  If given a bad order...they're supposed to know, within themselves, it's a bad order and protest it.  This is a new wave of bullshit coming from newer servicemen that believe in just doing what their told, no matter how awful it may be.  We give them too much admiration for all the perks they get anyways.  They complain about "freedom isn't free" and "we fought for freedom"...the last time our country was even CLOSE to being seriously harmed was WW2.  I will surely show a WW2 vet respect over the 00's era soldiers who complain about a little group of people, freak out, murder and torture civilians, and then post it on Youtube.  If it was a Draft, that would be different...but NO ONE should be able to demand as much respect as soldiers do, it's arrogant and a clear sign of an egocentric way of life.  I understand this is not EVERY soldier...but it IS most of them.


Um. No  you get free housing only  if you live ON post. And soldiers DO pay taxes. If they didnt my husband who IS active duty and I would be getting 3 grand instead of 1200  also m. We don't get paif more bc of the children we have either. hey sign their life over to protect your ass and risk their lives for this country. And you don't think they deserve the damn job after they get out of the military? They're are MORE homeless vets in america then civilians


Agreed.  Military benefits are good.  Don't get me wrong.  But even with military benefits, most enlisted folks qualify for food stamps and other aid as anything below an E-5 (which constitutes a good majority of your troops) gets paid less than $30000/yr.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Join knowing what your getting yourself into

I'm in the army, to be honest it's not great living but that's not why I joined. I think that everybody that successfully serve with everything in tact mentally and physically once they leave young are at a advantage compared to other 30 and unders without kids because of the free 3 years in school. I couldnt make this my career because I see that studying in college I could easily make me earn more than my higher ranks with less stressful work environment dealing with daily bull. I know guys around my young age going bald. Your manager in the military could get away with things that your manager in the civilian world would get fired for. The military is great but only if your in it knowing how to embrace it for the time your in. If not that it could the worst phase in your life


I feel as long as you pay your taxes and not sit around and accept those welfare programs you are an American. If you think that serving in the military makes you more of an American than I can say that by the taxes that I pay which is A LOT!! makes me more of an American than those currently in the Military because I pay for their salary the equiptment that they use that the Government pays way too much for and the food that goes in their mouths. Ooh yeah i also served 6 years in our Nations first responders the NAVY!!

You pay our salary?!

I wish I could have you in front of me so I could toss you a nickel and tell you to keep the change buddy... Your contribution to our salary is meager at most. We all pay taxes as Americans and our Military is ours... People like you are so self centered and flawed... We are a community. Why don't you join us? I bet you lay claim to all our federal roads and schools too.

We don't pay taxes now? hmmm

If you were in the military then you know that we also pay taxes and a portion of that goes right back into funding us. I heard Navy food was the best in the military. Try some of the lovely food they boil/steam up in an Army DFAC. We were told its edible but you would never see it on bi-lo's shelves. Seems to me those who give up their rights to protect the rights of others is more of an American Patriot. But yeah arrogant cowards and freeloaders seem to be the norm so on second thought you can be more American and I'll just more of a Man, Patriot, and role model.

the american people

To all the peope that have never fought in  a war . I feel that you are cowards . You  call yourself an american ? Ask your self what have you really done  to earn the right to be called an american.

You don't

Being an honest, law abiding citizen makes you an American. The military isn't a good environment for everyone; it's good for some people and damaging for others. That doesn't mean that the people who aren't cut out for service aren't a good representation of their nation's values. 

Good American

Being an honest, law abiding citizen does make you an American. Standing up and taking the risk of being in the military makes you a good American. Avoiding the military because you have other priorites or you don't want to take the risk makes you a fat civilian suck. You still get to vote and run for office but you'll have to do something besides making money to earn my respect.

What an idiot

So you think people that havent served in a war are cowards and un-american?The idea of defending freedom and actually doing it are two completely different things. By enlisting your not defending freedom. Your volunteering to be a henchmen for the corrupt politicians in washington. The problem with brainwashed tools like you is you believe everthing some higher ranking person tells you...which is usually a lie. WMD in Iraq, no proof Bin Laden was killed, Iran having nukes..all bs claims to get idiots like you to "defend freedom".Its more like a hoax so the american govt can get its hand in other countries affairs. I have served in a war zone, so i know first hand what kind of bs and lies are told to not only the american public but to those who serve. So before you go questioning others what they have done you should question what you have done. Are you an american defender of freedom? Or are you a terrorist? I guess it depends on who you ask..  

You shouldn't say that, brain

You shouldn't say that, brain wash or not they fight, suffer and died for what they believe in and will need your support when they get back home.

War is not a soul saving activity.

America is the home of the enslaved not the  home of the free where bondage is favored over freedom with jails holding people in bondage destroying lives as easily as people breathe. people will be ungodly killing calling it God taking Christ’s  name in vain doing what Jesus would not do being abominable  spilling innocent blood defiling their hands in war? Religions have lied to people what is in their own book. King James VersionKing James Version (Cambridge Ed.)Isaiah 59 >>3For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.Now you know what is a defiling thing to do and what is a perverted thing to do. None of it is any and I mean any kind of sex. That verse is one verse that condemns war. The wise person will refuse to war even as Jesus refused to war. Jesus under perfect control with infinite power at his beacon call never using it against anyone. Jesus saved his soul. War is not a soul saving activity.

sorry, but...

We're talking occupation, not theology. Please try to not make bible quotes, you probably don't believe in.

Your view is somewhat naive

Your view is somewhat naive and righteous. It's one thing to fight for your country and be proud of yourself. It's another To say that the civilian population is cowards because they aren't all picking up guns and "goin out ter war". Thanks for continuing a culture of "war is tradition and a right of passage" so that we can have millions more young men to die unnecesarily. The moral of a soldier and war is to create a world without war. "Great warrior? wars not make one great" Yoda.

Minimum I.Q. for Marine Drill Sgt

What are the minimum I.Q.  and education requirements for Marine Drill Sergeant?? Is it true that one can enlist in the Marines and NOT be a U.S. citizen? Which is more exclusive: Marines or Mensa? Will the Army accept former inner city gang members or white supremacists from Idaho?? Which has higher hiring standards:  Apple or the Army? Avoid service in the U.S. Military at all costs. (Written by a 40+ Libertarian white male Mensa member that lives in a gated community. Self made college dropout, from poor to prosperous in less than 10 years.)  Again,  avoid elistment, or a commission in the U.S. military at all costs.  George Bush's daughters did NOT enlist....remember that.  


The irony of all this is the military is out there defending the Constitution and your First Ammendment rights to badmouth them.


You, sir, are an idiot. If it wasn't for those who serve in the USMC and other branches of the service, you wouldn't have the rights you take for granted. George Bush's daughters didn't enlist because they probably wouldn't have been allowed to. They run in different circles than the rest of us.  Besides, if you use them as an excuse for not enlisting or accepting a commission yourself, then you've merely demontrated you're a total loser!

If elvis presly can enlist,

If elvis presly can enlist, so can george bush's daughters. Why does everyone have to enlist? so the armies can build and all kill eachother for sure? if each culture of war that fights eachother had more people that said they wouldnt fight, their would be less in the military and less of a war. If everyone from every side had peace in their hearts and enlightenment on their mind, instead of just "enlistment" being pressured on them. Then their would be no war. I'm sorry but your answer to him about rights taken for granted is so cliche and overstated I have to say, f u.

This is pathetic

Hahah you think that because you make more money than the Marine next door that YOU are better than HIM?That's pathetic and so is the world we live in today. It's not about how much money you get or what fancy vehicle you drive. It's about RESPECT; too bad you can't buy respect like Obama attempted to do.Do you think our Soliders want to be away from their friends ans family, risking their lives over seas in Iraq and Vietnam? Probably not you inconsiderate. These Men and Women have something your parents wish you had and that is RESPECT. They respect their leaders, no matter how questionable their calls are, thats called PATRIOTISM!That's how America was founded, because farmers, bankers, anyone who could protect their rights fought the British many many years ago.So shut  up, you are worthless to judge the people who risk their lives for you.

Everyone deserves respect.

Everyone deserves respect. Not like you would know how to respect somebody based on your language, but I still respect you and half agree. And about respecting leaders, no matter what their calls are? Patriotism? That lack of self will and brainwashing in war has caused a huge amount of unjust horrible things to happen.. the bombing of hiroshima for example, the man followed the orders, later on commiting suicide and over a million innocent people dying as a result of your patriotism. Who will lead the leaders?, with all of their "questionable calls"? Though I agree with you about the civil war. Let's try to tone down the war crazy and "rite of passage" bullshit that we have acquired. And promote peace more than violence. War is an evil, and should only be a last resort.


Everyone in the military should be respected for defending our rights as a country, war is not a right of passage, war is something that should never happen. Peace should be a goal, but since america decided to become involved in the foreign affairs of many, MANY countries a strong military is required to defend our country from the enemies we have made, I am enlisting not to fight in unjust wars, but in the belief if something truly does come up, I will be there to defend this country, I am against war, but, If it means protecting my family and protecting the people of america, I will fight. 


90% of people enlisted in the military right now are doing nothing heroic or any more dangerous than many other jobs in the US. Thank a coal miner if you were warm last winter. Thank a police officer if you were safe on the roads. Thank a high voltage electrician if your computer turns on. People need to stop pretended that the US military is the only reason that any of us are comfortable today. Unless you were actually in a combat situation then get over yourselves! 


This statement is true. Most military members sit around and do nothing...except the minimum to get by. Yet they are the same ones who are quick to accept praise for being "patriots" and "heroes" what a joke. When they arent pretending to be something they arent they are busy stabbing each other in the back. There is only one type of person that stays in the military. The type that feels that he or she cant do any better in life than staying in the military. So sad that people allow themselves to be held down and treated like children when they could have a much better quality of life. When I was active duty I worked for idiots, was treated like a child, worked for peanuts, had shitty benefits, hated my job, and really didnt look forward to anything. Now I have a job I love that treats me well, the benefits are actually benefits, no more stress over stupid meaningless bullshit, and I dont have to tell my wife I wont see her for a year because Im going to some shitty country I have no business in. And I make more than double what I used to. Im so glad Im no longer affiliated with any part of the military. Now that I look back I realize the only thing I did was waste a small portion of my life over some pointless bullshit. The military definently isnt for me, I have way more potential than that.

see you soon

LOL, funny you say you love your job now, as a Military recruiter I see more Prior Service people than anything talking bad about the Military and yet crawling back to re-enlist back into the servic when the economy drop. Maybe the fact is you didn’t work for idiots, you were the idiot that didn’t understand how to function in a military environment, for as being treated like a child? i am a Sergeant First Class and i only treated people like a child is if they are acting like one. Men are men and children should be controlled as such. Might want to look in the mirror and see where the problem is within you. The benefits are great if you use them, if you don’t use them, then that is you fault. Medical and dental is great and the education benefits helped me get my degree. I also passed my G.I Bill to my family where as my wife is now an Registered Nurse and daughter a Certified Nurse assistant, pursuing to be a Licensed Practical Nurse.  As I read you bullshit rant, I can see you never took advantage of all the benefits of the Military and blamed the Military for your failure. Working for peanuts? Don’t think so, I have enough to pay my mortgage on my 2-story 2640sq ft house, bills, car payments and a bag of peanuts. A person like YOU must not have pass the pay grade of E3/E4.  See you when you job lets you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!US Army Recruiter!!! 


Amen brother!!!!!  SSG Clark (ARNG Recruiter)

I hope you get force reduced.

I hope you get force reduced. I'm sure your fine attitude would be welcomed in the 99% of people not in the military. 

I have got to agree

couldnt have said it better myself, i have to agree with you, men are men children well obviously if i have to treat you like my child it isnt going to be pretty, im saying 23-24 yer old "men" being late, missing appoints, being lazy, failing at there job, i think in any other occupation ud be gon fired  but here you have leaders that keep helping , molding, training you to be better, they dont just fire you, you have ample opputunities to be better, and all this pay crap im only a SGT and i am happy with my pay have my morgage covered , brand new (2013) cars for me and my spouse, my spouse is an LVN going to school to be an RN,  i dnt know what the deal is, maybe if you spent your money on whats important and stop spending it on garbage and drinking, youd have alot more to show that being broke all the time, and to top it off i have 3 daughters :)) ITS A HOOAH DAY!! IYAOYAS!!! If you aint Ordnance you aint s***!! 

The truth

SO heres my truth im currently in the service and getting ready to get out and go back to college.since i joined the army i nslowly started to see why brother hated it i respect the men and woman of the millitary for putting up with certain people in the millitary lets not lie to ourselves there our d bags all over the world but in the millitary there are some straight tools. iv seen main get praised because they can run fast i mean seriousyl there are people with downs who can pull off this great feat. the question i aske dis why do i get treated like im a child at times i do not act liek one i am very responsible financial and in other areas i have a family i strive to be a romode;l for my child. im getting out of the service so i can try other things and do be there for my family. i here othe rthings from peoppe of how im turning ym back on the army but i ask why would i be its my right its a volaunteer army i wante din so i should have the right to want out with an honorable discharge its pone of the few rights i have and not have to feel guilty for it. but then you have those guys who just for some reaspon think this is life this all they are and they live it and breath it. to them i say good for you you found your calling but hey some of us want other things in life its called moving on.i used to go to college and majored in physics wante dot go for theoretical but i dropped out and wen to the army not even for the money i had free schooling through my parents i came form a family who is loaded like really loaded so i honestly dont need the army i have money but i did it out of my own free will. The thing is ever since i joine dthe army i feel as though i have been treated liek down right crap for doing it getting yelled out for no apperant reason also basic did not break me down i just came out with the metnality that some peopel just liek to yell for the hell of it. thats another thing is the yelling for some reason people resort to yelling and cussing as if thats the only form of reasoning i mean for real we are human beings not animals this time around i wonder what self respecting person would subject themselve to someone messing wiht them for there own entertainment just becuase they outrank them iv seen people getted called into an office just to be told get out private as the NCO's laugh at how he has to listen to them i doubt they new thta person was a freind of mine and has a masters in Enginnering from MIT lol kinda wonder if you take the rank away who has a better go at things. they dont have a masters degree yet they feel above him mabey they got picked on in high school and this is there way of lashing out i asl studied pyhscology. so inknow a little bit about how some people act out do to bad childhood memories.To me its a bit sad and pathetic that there are leaders in the millitary who really just are there and abuse the power or act like they are kings amongnst subjects. but let us remember we were all someone else befor ethe army and we all volenteered for this job so oits the respect that is given to someone who willingly allows oneself to put up wiht this  that i respect i mean seripously im freaking loaded and yet i got this guy trying to say shit to me like i care i pretty much told him id crush him wiht my wallet and my few credits away from having my bachelors degree and not from some online cousre but fork an very accredittred college.


What in the world are you talking about? Damn glad your out of the service with that bunch of nonsense. Physics, Theoretical, bachelors degree, "accredittred college" and drop out? You must have been drunk when writing this because there is NO WAY that that is a "few credits away from having my bachelors degree" writing.


So you come from a family who are "loaded?" It's a pity they didn't invest some of their fortune in   some English and grammar courses for you. It was nigh on impossible to read your horrible,unpunctuated drivel.  Get a clue,you bloated little cock.

It's not for everyone

And I am sure the military is happy to be free of you.   


I love jumping out of airplanes and doing things that you never did in the military because it's so "scary". I didn't make a career out of the military because I'm "afraid".  I made it a career because I enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the stuff I do. However,  I disagree with the way these military guys are going about it. Be proud of what you do and don't look down on others for not choosing your path. Don't be disrespectful. Unless,  you are talking to these people that think that you are a mindless robot that does everything it's told because they are idiots. Only fools talk about something they know nothing about. 


I got TKO'd from the navy and the army but I really want to join the military.  Is there really nothing I can do?? They said Ihve to get allllll my medical records which seems impossible. I wanna knw if I can get a reevaluation or something bc there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Or should I just give up

Be happy you're not in. It

Be happy you're not in. It really isn't that glamorous of a job. You don't get all the women. Strangers don't stop you and shake your hand. You don't get standing ovations. But you will get to work 12+ hour days with little to no caring about your personal well being because they know they have you locked in.Go to college and set your sights on something higher. Have your free time to do with as you please. Be able to go on vacation where and when you please. The benefits of being in the military are nigh compared to the benefits of just going to school right off the bat and making sure that you take advantage of every moment you have.

Being in the miliary is not

Being in the miliary is not about Glory, or recognition, or anything like that. The ideals of the military have not changed. We still enlist to support and defend the Constitution.  Everyone I work with understands what that means. I've been spit on while in uniform, I'v been called many horrible things, but I choose not start an altercation. It pissed me off, yes, but everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Rather than attack soldiers, and blame us for the problems that the Politicians cause, try doing something about those Politicians.


These comments make me sick. All you ungrateful bastards seem to "know" everything about our soldiers. Before you start running your cock holsters anymore, why don't you go find out what it takes to be in the military. I bet 90% of you wouldn't even qualify. You don't know how good we actually have it compared to most of the other countries. Why don't you go over there and find out. For those that think soldiers are all drunk adulterers,get a damn brain. It's not cause their soldiers, it's a problem with all 20-40 year olds. Damn, who makes up the majority of the military???  Of course there's problems, but it's worse for soldiers because 1 idiot does something wrong and it makes them all look bad. 

Military leadership

I feel sorry for all the good friends I have that are active duty. Good people left to rot under **** management. These pathetic micro managers can't make it in the real world. Instead they sit on their fat profiled asses and try to dictate others lives. I'm talking about the fat black smsgt that can't do a push-up but can eat his weight in food, or the fat msgt that has c cup breasts and is a male, or that fat cmsgt who snacks on cakes all day. Air Force leadership is nothing more than uneducated fat losers, bad decision makers and morale killers. so if your a so called leader an this offends you then too bad. You're not serving your country, you're ruining it and collecting a free check. I hope you all lose you retirement and all the benefits.  


AMEN. I am active duty military right now and let me tell you THIS MAN IS NO LIAR! WHEN HE SAYS MICRO MANAGE. HA! THAT WAS A NICE UNDERSTATEMENT. If you are thinking of joining save yourself the loss of quality of life. Get a damn student loan, and manage your f***ing money. Your only gonna make around $36-$42,000 in the military.. and if your making more.... They must REALLY have a hand up YOUR ***. 

i am 27 can i still get in

i am 27 can i still get in the airfoce

Yes but do it now

  • Be between the ages of 17-27. *
  • Have no more than two dependents.
  • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 40)


not with spelling like that!


I believe the age limit to enlist with parents permission 17-42

AF 27 y.o.

I think you have to be 27 at the time of signing the contract, and still 27 when you ship off for Basic Training (which may take a few months to a year after signing).It is tough to get into the AF right now as they are overmanned and are only taking young(er) Engineering and Technical people. However there may always be a way. Call your local recruiter in your area. The number can likely be found at the website link above. Good luck.

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