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The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012: 10 - Broadcaster


Prepares and delivers news and related presentations over the air on radio and television.

  • Overall Score: 1480.00
  • Income: $27,324.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
  • Hiring Outlook:

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If you don't like your job, then move out of America you socialists!

You're an idiot. 

You're an idiot. 

Dear Clueless Listeners...

Anyone that thinks they're gonna argue with this needs to read the following link...and also get a grip on how lousy and borderline poverty-level $27K/yr really is in most places outside Podunk-Nowheresville, USA.  Then, go look up the terms "deregulation", "syndication", and "voice tracking" and you'll know what 99% of all DJ's are up against today.While you're at it, call your local station and see if you can really get a DJ to pick up the phone.  Chances are that DJ lives in another state and recorded those breaks the day before (or earlier), then emailed them to a $10/hr intern so they could load them into the hard drive, then have an $8/hr intern sit and make sure the computer plays them back correctly (this is called "running the board").  Why pay a human a full-time salary and benefits when you can pay someone $125 a week, provide no benefits and ignore them when it comes to Christmas bonus time? "Technology, deregulation of ownership rules and especially the new corporate nature of radio using syndication, downsizing and voice tracking has removed many opportunities for local legends to be made..."With love (and hope for the future), Your former local radio hero that can no longer make a living.

That girl is beautiful

If she is my radio partner you can cut my pay 2000 and I won't give a single care.

I Think

Aside from the dishwasher, i reckon these jobs are pretty descent, and no offence but when this world goes to shit atleast we'll know who would be likely to survive because they know how to work with what they have and have practicle skills, in comparison to snobby website editors who only know how to type shit and put other people down. Oh and by the way, i highly recommend you should go vegetarian and dairy free, since you are arrogant enough to put down the people who provide these products for you as a life style, that they also probably like.

Yep...this job jumped the shark 20 years ago

When the line between trashy tabloid journalism and real news got blurred....

Look at russ martin radio dj,

Look at russ martin radio dj, millionaire, and works mon-fri for 4-5 hours a day id say it isnt all that bad

News Reporter

Typical income for a TV news reporter in smaller cities is $18,000. Within a year or two you can move up into a medium market, and make a little more.

It's a mixed bag...

There's a special skill set required to do the things announcers do, yet the majority of them are paid very poorly because the advertising market is so thinly spread these days. In a small community where other intelligent, specially-skilled people are the better-paid ones, broadcasters would do about the same financially by washing dishes in the local restaurant. You have to be the top of the top tier broadcasters to make anything approaching decent money. At the same time, even in a small market, the level of pressure announcers are under is indeed high, especially emotional pressure, because of the demands placed on them to perform in public day in and day out. You have to be "with it" all the time or people will notice (and comment), which can be very stressful. And what many don't know is that every spare moment when the microphone is turned off, announcers are in constant motion doing a variety of other tasks required of them. In larger markets, the pressure just intensifies, and job security is out the window. You can be gone tomorrow.

All that said, announcing can also be fun and rewarding, even exciting...and many of the people who do it enjoy it. They say once radio is in your blood, it's there for good. I can testify to that, having moved from the day-to-day announcing to other radio-related work as I've gotten older. It's hard to ever entirely leave it behind.

After receiving one of the

After receiving one of the most recognized degrees in broadcasting (in Canada), performing three separate unpaid internships and applying everywhere in the country for two years, I finally acquired a full-time videographer/reporting job in a small town in Northern British Columbia. I get paid very little, and often work 50+ stressful hours a week. Is there any hope? Did I make the wrong life choice??

Don't agree. There are WAAAY

Don't agree.
There are WAAAY worse jobs than these.

Broadcaster a bad job?

You must be kidding. Clean and controlled work environment, fixed hours, and many of them get paid very well as they become popular. Broadcasting is just fine. Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs are worse than most of what are listed here.

Totally agree..

Totally agree..


Dear Clueless:Not ONE single word of what you wrote is true in this day and age.

You clearly are NOT in the

You clearly are NOT in the broadcasting.


where does she work?

Really wow try this one Certified Nursing Assistant!

Certified Nursing Assistant i would rather be a any of those then have to do this. You have 15 to 20 people to one CNA oh an they tell you that there are two to a hall ok that other CNA has 15 to 20 people of their own. The Nurse is to busy doing paper work thanks to the goverment(State & Fedral) and insurance companys. They maybe get to see the patients a hole five min. if that (the nurse). Don't ask me how they can write so much on one patient when they don't see them but maybe 5 mins. This is the life of a nursing home and you wounder why they have such bad names. The Certified Nursing Assistant is one job you get paid what you get paid to flip burgers or wash dishes but take alot of crap from everyone. You get craped on, bleed on, vomited on, beat on, spit on, pissed on, cused out because most of the time they want to talk to the doctor or nurse that may or may not make it to the patients so that make it the CNA fault again. Then the patients may do this just because they have to be there. Oh and now days you really don't even know what the patients have that they could catch from the people they take care.

If this isn't telling the

If this isn't telling the truth about cna work.... Worst job ever! Not because of what you do, but because of all the crap you have to take from co-workers, nurses, annd the higher ups. We control nothing, yet get blamed for everything.



@ it's all subjective. You

@ it's all subjective. You clearly are new at this business, which is why you still love it. I've worked in the #1 market for 5 years in another country (not USA) and am jumping ship. I have worked 3 week contracts for SIX years and make little money. There are no jobs. Three week contracts is not a way to live. I had to stay with my parents until I was 28 years old because I could not pay rent in this expensive city. I would have loved to move out on my own but who would rent out a place to someone who has no job? And I have a Masters Degree! Journalists deserve better than to work for peanuts, have no job security, AND to top it all off, be hated by the public

Handsome Dan

People tell me I have a face for radio!


I was an enlisted soldier for 20 years; I've been a mother for four. Mother is a much more stressful job.

Somebody ALWAYS has to add

Somebody ALWAYS has to add that mother thing on there, like it's the hardest fucking thing ever. get over yourself.

Fuck you! If you LOVE your

Fuck you! If you LOVE your children, do the job well, and put their needs before your own, it is a hard and stressful job to be a mother. Clearly, your parents did not do these things, which is why you turned out to be the shithead that you are....and if someone ever procreates with you, you will turn out shithead kids, too...because stupidity is genetic.


Motherhood is choice -- if you don't want them, don't have them. Don't complain about the stress once they're here.


If you REALLY love your children you wouldn't swear.......


What does swearing have to do with raising well-rounded children?

Stay at home mom should be on the list, considering it's pay is $0.00. Motherhood is a choice, but so is EVERY OCCUPATION listed. How about we just stop complaining about everything because we chose to do it. All of your points are, well, pointless. We all make choices, and then how things end up are completely different. The mother who has a deformed or disabled child surely didn't plan for the stresses of caring for their child for the rest of their natural born lives. At least when you choose to be in the military you have a pretty good idea what you're in for. Complaining is somewhat healing, it helps struggling folk find like-minded peers who can relate to what they're going through, and provide support and strength to one another. Unfortunetly, most of humanity still has the bully mind-set of bringing others down to make themselves feel more intelligent.

Chill the !@$# out

All she said was that motherhood was more stressfullAs for the twit with the "motherhood is a chocie" comment, no shit it's a choice, a choice she is probabbly happy with, but that doesn't mean it is without stress. Chill the !@$# out

NOW, I Won't Boycott Rush Limbaugh

After seeing this report, I feel bad that I was the one who instigated the advertiser boycott against Rush Limbaugh. I didn't know his job was so tough. He's got his struggles and I've got mine. My apologies El Rushbo.


As someone who has worked as both a print and broadcast reporter, I have nothing but gratitude for the experience.

It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to do the work I love. Some people work all their lives, making good money or not, yet they have not been as fortunate.

Stacy Harris
Nashville, TN

It's all subjective...

27 grand? I wish. Rookie reporter in market 160, here. I'm making minimum, not exaggerating. I literally make 7.25 each hour I work. Well, sometimes I get paid 10.33 if I'm over time, but I usually end up working those hours for 0.00 unless corporate feels kind. I turn three different stories a day and I'm always on call. Generally, I deal with antiquated equipment that occasionally causes me to miss deadlines and always gives me fits. I'm the fool telling you to stay inside during the storm, even though I'm clearly outside. -10 or 110, I'm outside, schlepping 30 pounds of camera equipment, and probably through a bad neighborhood all by my young woman self. There's a lot to hate about this job, but I don't. I become an expert on something different every day. I meet new, interesting, influential people regularly. I tell people things they need to know. Ok, I also tell them crap that doesn't matter. I had the brains to do anything. I chose this on purpose.

Retired TV General Manager

I was never a TV reporter, but I was a Sales Manager and General Manager of TV stations, so I know what the pay scale for rookie reporters/video journalists is. If you are good (whatever that means) and can stand out, you can move up and make more money. You'll probably have to leave market 160, but you can earn a decent living in markets around 100 - if you work for the top station in the market.

Hang in there and pay your dues!

Amen! I'm in your boat..

Amen! I'm in your boat.. albeit I've been in the business a lot longer I'm sure. I keep telling myself..this was my calling..this was my calling..

Re: Format

It's a cheap ploy to increase ad sales by increasing page views.

Every time you have to click "next page" they get another .1 cents.

you are retarded anonymous

Learn to spell. This article is easy to use, clearly you are just retarded.


I really hate thie format that is use for these types of articles. It requires unnessicary clicking and page loading. I know how to scroll.

I totally agree. I've never

I totally agree. I've never understood the point of formatting articles like this. Glad I finally saw someone say something; though I was just being picky.

The point

The point of formatting articles in this manner is to make you load more pages ont he website. The web owners get more "hits," it looks like you spend longer on the website and with each page load, they get to throw a whole new set of ads at you.
Never said I like it, but it is why it's done.
--An online newspaper reporter.

Why you have to click for each subject.

It doesn't work. I don't look at the commercials. If they were forced, I wouldn't come to the page at all.

you seem very angry

you seem very angry

Why Do They Do it? Ain't for the Money!

OBVIOUSLY there's a big range of salaries between small market broadcasters and large market broadcasters. The local talk show host in Yakima, Washington is not making what Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda make at NBC in New York. Is it the desire for fame and fortune that drives people to take these jobs? It's like the football world, there are a lot of low level players but only a handful ever get the high paying jobs in the NFL. I'm sure a broadcasting career is tough work but what percentage of people ever move up beyond this report's suggested income figure of $27,324? I think NBC's Matt Lauer makes that much every day he looks at the teleprompter.

from a reporter

I think that's probably the average salary starting out in any market. That's what I made in a top 100 market...actually...I made less than that. Now in a top 50 market...I also know people making about that amount. Until you are off the streets and on the desk...I doubt you'll make much in ANY market anymore...and even then...they are hiring younger and cheaper.

Actually, with his new deal

Actually, with his new deal now inked, Matt Lauer makes about $106,000 a day, assuming he works about 47 weeks of the year, or about 235 days.

Yeah, but....

For every Matt Lauer (substitute any nationally recognized broadcaster), there are 100,000 or so wanna-be's working at small market stations across the country for minimum wage--and those jobs are becoming more and more scarce, due to automation and syndication.

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