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10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2011 - 10: Real Estate Agent

  • 10. Real Estate Agent

    Stress Rank: 181
    Stress Score: 38.57
    Hiring Outlook Rank: 31 out of 200
    Hours Per Day: 9.5


    Real Estate Agents are the intermediaries between buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Agents work long, erratic hours including working most weekends, spending much of their time showing properties to clients. The field is highly competitive, which can cause high levels of stress.

How do we determine which jobs rate as the most and least stressful? Our ranking system for job stress compares a number of different job demands which can reasonably be expected to evoke stress, including travel, hiring outlook/growth potential, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life at risk, life of another at risk and meeting the public.

Each demand is assigned a range of points. If the job demand is a large part of the duties, then the higher the score awarded will be. For instance, a firefighter, whose job can be physically demanding, could receive up to 14 points. Whereas, a computer programmer's job is not as physically demanding would receive less points.

For more information on how we rank all 200 jobs, see our 2011 Jobs Rated Methodology.


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real estate agent, you must be kidding.  only stress for them is keeping their lies straight

Really? Bc I'm pretty sure my

Really? Bc I'm pretty sure my moms been an active real estate agent for seven years and is now a broker. She doesn't lie, she's an honest hard working woman who earns her money. Imagine dealing with buyers that just can't choose a house when they have seen every house in the county they want to buy in,,,,driving them all over for no gas money and no guaranteed paycheck.Doing research to find thbest deals just for them to deny it. Or dealing with stingy homeowners who wants more for what their house is worth and waste their agents time bc they won't listen then their house expires bc they are dillusional. Real estate is hard. You must have been a difficult customer.

Real estate should have marketing skill

Real Estate agents should have good marketing skill as well market updates, that's why they need to search and study the market all the time.


What about corrections officers....?

Comment on mothers being a stressful job

I really think were talking about paying jobs. So moms relax and get off the computer and do my laundry.




AND, should you decide you can survive, if you are any good clinically, you will soon be "promoted" out of patient clinical care into management, where failure is virtually guaranteed!


most stressful desk jobs lol. try something like; submarine nuclear reactor operator, navy seal, brain surgeon, astronaut... not that list of weenie jobs.

How about noncommissioned

How about noncommissioned officer? This list is a joke.

Where did you obtain your data?

you mention APA yet did not reference where you obtain the information from the APA. I copied and pasted the citation in your article on the APA site and nothing came up? Please list your references.

Ever owned a Print shop?

Economy, technology, multi tasking with minute details, bidding, pricing, purchasing, cash flow, employees, never ending deadlines, crazy clients, long hours and no respect. All to be replaced by tablets, readers, and phones. What the hell am I doing? House is warm and kids are fed for now!

And what about ATCO?...

Sorry,but where are the air traffic controllers in this list????




how about retail? I work in a customer service position, that's more stressful than a "newscaster" im sorry!

Complain, complain....

Your jobs can't be that stressful if you are on here wasting your time complaining that your stressed but not on the list, or on the list but people don't agree. Stress is objective. It's a dumb article. Get over it and do your jobs.


Yes, pilots can lead a very stressful existence. Other than the EMT, the rest are a joke. What about police officers? Military members?

Most Stressful Jobs

They're only stressful if you're the wrong person doing the job.


how about mothers. they constatly worry about our comings and goings until we are 25.

While I respect a mother's

While I respect a mother's contribution to the development of her children, I think this article talks about stressful occupations that people take on to pay the bills. So no offense when they dont list motherhood as a top stressful job.

10 Most Stressful jobs of 2011

This has gotta be a joke or we're all getting punk'd. Seriously? Stop.

Every year it should be Military as the most stressful, #1.

Not white collar

The military should be a category all its own, but its not really white collar. No doubt alot of the military is HIGH stress.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents are among the most overworked and least trusted professionals in the mix. They actually came 2nd behind car salesmen as the most distrusted, and their work is vastly more comprehensive than pounding a sign in the yard then nabbing their cut 3 months later. The trade involves a national and regional understanding of property and property law, albeit somewhat watered down to suit their non lawyerly ways, but still very thorough. They pay to work, renting office space, buying advertisements, and they do (or should be doing) multivariable market analysis for each property on their shingle. It is not uncommon to not break even, where marketting expenditures>commission.

It is strange to not see police officers or public school teachers here, but some of the first "stressful jobs" in this list...seriously...really?

nabbing their cut 3 months later

Gee - every time I have sold a house - that was all they did.

maybe that's all you saw

but they definitely did more. From ensuring the loan goes through, managing inspections, handling repairs, negotiations, legal disclosures, market analysis, and a whole lot of handholding of both sides of the transaction, a Realtor wears many hats and acts as Project manager of the home transaction. If you didn't see it, maybe it is because your agent was very good and took care of the details without pain to you. I am a Realtor and I work approximately 70 hour weeks and haven't had a full day off since Christmas (yes, I showed property on Mother's Day and Easter) and haven't had time to take a vacation in two years.

Wow, really? What about

Wow, really? What about military, police, the insanity that is food service, doctor, anything like that? EMT should definitely be on the list, but the rest? Meh. I can see it being stressful to meet a deadline, but what about being shot at? I think that's a bit more stressful.

What about being shot at?

I've been a journalist for three years, I've never been to a war zone. I've been shot at four times. Except I don't have any way to shoot back.

How about all the journalists who have been or currently are being held hostage in war zones? Or journalists who have been decapitated as part of a terrorists "message?" The recent journalist deaths in Afghanistan?

I have no doubt that all of the above are stressful jobs, but anyone who straps on a bulletproof vest and ventures into a war zone with nothing but a camera deserves respect.

nuclear plant control room operator

Saftey of the public always on your mind, constant government oversight, and one mistake can often mean your job + rotating shift-work.

Re: Wow, really? What about

I agree with you. How can a soldier in our armed forces not be one of the most stressful jobs? This list is a joke! Yes, many jobs can be stressful at times. Those in the military, cops, and fireman put their life on the line everyday for everyone of us to keep us safe. Now I call that a stressful job!


The guy that was talking about pharmacist, says he never leaves the pharmacy, what does he do use the restroom in a can? I work in a pharmacy, im a pharmacy tech, alot of the stuff he talks about i do, like talk to insurance companies. Most pharmacist i have worked with never did that. Maybe he has sorry people he works with.

Gosh, try this!

Picture this... you've been told your company needs to deliver a technology project. You don't have specific details, but are being asked to commit to time, resources and cost. Oh yeah, you also don't directly manage the people who need to execute tasks for your project, so they may, or may not be committed to your schedule. So you provide the best time/cost/resource estimate you can, and now you're given budget to deliver EXACTLY what you claimed was needed.

But you see, then life starts happening. The vendors don't deliver according to schedule, and when they do, there are issues with the technology. And of course, since you weren't specific enough about requirements, it's gonna cost more money. The people you thought were committed to your project get sick, or decide they have other priorities. Also, the customer requirements you confirmed earlier... well, they've suddenly changed, and now you're being informed the company wants a different deliverable.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT!!! I'd rather pilot a plane anytime.

stressful jobs

guess the people writing this never served in combat, or the spouse of someone in combat

Does anybody think teachers

Does anybody think teachers might have stressful jobs...this list is a joke

Stress for teachers

You are so right!! After 40 years teaching everything in language arts from first grade to graduate school I can speak with experience and pain that there is nothing so stressful as facing 150 faces each day, having to remember their names, love them, often feed them and their minds, listen to their pain and anguish over their parents' selfish divorces, plan fascinating discussions and lessons that can compete with Lady Gaga and video games, grade those endless papers in a timely manner and deal with their over-the-top parents who know that their child is, indeed, "gifted" but somehow misplaced in a remedial class. Now, add discipline to that. Sometimes teachers will have a supportive administration or more likely, paper-pushers who are keeping tabs on each and every referral hoping to catch a teacher who just cannot control his class of 30 in a room made for 20. With the new disrepsect that has filtered into our culture where adults in any authority position have to justify their existence every day as if it were erased at midnight, I am happy to say that I retired last year. My colleagues now have all their lessons on-line and don't have to worry about those magical, discursive, teachable moments. They exist rarely between the beeps of the PowerPoint and the human sacrifices to the computer gods. My high school students were accepted to the finest schools/academies/technical institutes in this country. They thank me often and well. Still, would I take the stress of teaching as it is today? No, I would go into a medical field.

Yeah, educators do not get

Yeah, educators do not get enough reward or respect. Education is the entire basis of a society, and seeing the way that education has been sidelined and cut over the years shows a distinct lack of foresight on the part of our government.

Most stressful job?

Where's NURSE? OMG -- obviously the folks who put this list together didn't talk to any nurses.

Most Stressful?

Nursing has to be at the top! Life & death decisions all day long. Mixed that with bad looks from families about the 'service'.

Re: Most Stressful?

"Life & death" decisions all day?.. Give me a break!!.. Nurses check bp and wipe asses.. Hardly life and death
- a doctor (we make REAL life and death decisions)

You mean doctors as well....

You mean doctors as well....


after reading this story I was sickened by the pay scales I was seeing. The guy that comes and saves yer life makes less money than any of them. Not to mention,that is thses are the most stressful jobs i feel there something wrong with the people doing them. Come on how stressful can it be to show a house. Yet my husband an automotive technician,who has to put up with ridiculas customers who havent a clue,and myself a veterinary technician is way more stressful than anything you listed. Maybe you need to look at jobs common people actually have rather than the jobs handed to people.This story was a waste of reading time

Stress is relative

Stress is relative to the individual. The article is just looking at the overall statistics. To say that the jobs in the list incur less stress than your occupation does, is a matter of opinion.
Second point I would like to touch on is that for you to say the jobs were handed to people, is beyond ridiculous. The majority of the jobs take a decent, not to mention expensive education, and the competition is the highest in those fields.
Although dealing with customers that know little about cars, and the day to day work of working with animals may seem stressful to you, there are more stress inducing elements (ie. being accountable for lives, the well-being of passengers, or the financial futures of multiple employees).

Pharmacists always used to be

Pharmacists always used to be near the top. We work 10 to 12 hour days on on feet, with no breaks. (Our state now allows us to go to the restroom for a few minutes. We fill prescriptions, talk with patients, answer questions from physicians, deal with insurance companies, assist with OTC products. With all these "interuptions", we need to be 100% accurate. One little slip can kill someone. Some of these other professionals can walk away for a minute or an hour. Pharmacists are required by law to never leave the pharmacy!

Pharmacists missing from list?

I was astounded that pharmacists didn't land on the top ten of this list! When I looked at the criteria used I was even more perplexed. Wonder if our compensation took us out of the picture, since we do earn a good buck? The hours, demands on the time, and the critical nature of accuracy of what we do, added to the shrinking numbers of job openings and options to move on to a different setting have me and most of my peers high on the stress meter.

i agree.

i agree.

Stressful Jobs

Why are nurses exempted from this list? Growing patient loads and concurrent hospital cutbacks increase risk management issues e.g. errors which can result in injury and, in the extreme case, death. Dealing with life-death issues should qualify nurses to be included in the top stressful jobs.

Re: Stressful Jobs

Guess I forgot?... How much is nurse malpractice insurance?.. Do you even have to carry it?, didn't think so.. Seems like the DOCTORS you work for shoulder most of the stress and risk.

Are you kidding?

The country that I work it is mandatory to have professional indemnity insurance - it's part of your registration!!

And for the record - I spend half of my shift telling the junior doctors what to do and correcting them on their medication errors and reminding them of investigations they may want run. In a busy emergency department it is often the nurses running the show!

If a doctor writes up a medication incorrectly and the nurse gives it - who is at fault?? The nurse! Nurses have just as much pressure on them as doctors do.

And as for the guy who said nursing is all about taking blood pressures and wiping arses clearly you need to get out more. And i hope i never come across you in a hospital one day - just remember how easy it is for a nurse to make your life hell.

stressfull jobs



Oh ya, shoving letters into a mailbox without even getting out of the van is really stressful. Sometimes they even manage to get the mail to the right address.

My grandma makes better lists than this

This list is a joke! They don't even have professional blogger on here! My blog has only made $7.95 so far this year. I am stressed!

low pay not high stress

low pay not high stress

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