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The 10 Best Jobs of 2012: 10 - Mathematician



Applies mathematical theories and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational, or industrial climate.

  • Overall Score: 392.00
  • Income: $99,191.00

  • Work Environment:
  • Stress:
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Mathematical Theories

Today, many companies are hiring the employees by conducting mathematical tests. The provided information is very useful to learn mathematical theories and also find the bestjob in USA. Due to this have leant many mathematical theories and get to know how to solve the problems. Keep posting the jobs like this.

3.14 IS pie!!!

Okay, so, write 3.14 on a piece of paper. And you have to write the 4 like this ---> 4Now go to a mirror and raise the paper to the mirror, and guess what? You actually have pie!! 3.14 backwards looks like the word pie. Don't believe me? Try it. What had once been seen can never be unseen. :D

finance and math degree and unemployed

Mathematicians are at the masters and phd level mainly in stats or financial engineering most firms that hire and pay top dollar want you to compete with ivy league grads and it bevomes a question if they want somrbody technical or business oriented the mRket is saturated with people with experience from investment banks so these firms are taking the experience along with good credentials before somebody coming out of college. The it/software development route i thonk is better and more in demand you just have to worry about being outsourced but there are so many jobs across firms it doesnt matter.If you lose your job when you are a good developer 


Maybe he is writing on a mirror instead of writing backwards on glass. 

A lot of my friends are math

A lot of my friends are math olympians, most are now working at top trading firms and hedge funds on wall street, some had starting salaries above 200k. So from my experience, mathematicians do make the most money. But it is extremely competitive and extremely stressful to compete at their level ...



No Mathematician Here

Have a Bachelors in Math--couldn't find a job, so got a teaching license and am a high school Math teacher making a tiny salary of 42K after 15 years in the education business.  :-(

My assumption is that their

My assumption is that their salary ranges assume that you a) have a masters or PhD, since that's what most mathematics jobs require, and b) don't work in education, or at least work in post-secondary education.

these "salaries" are

these "salaries" are rediculous

Yeah right

A mathematician making 100k a year. Poor kids reading this.

Don't be so naive

To you and everyone else seeing this mathematician post, realize a BS in Mathematics does not make you a Mathematician, getting your PhD does.  In fact this average salary is lowered by the extensive amount of college teachers considered Mathematicians.  If you go into industry you can just about write your own check and many industry mathematicians make much more than 100k and some basically can write their own check


You guys are too funny. Correcting eachother's math equations. Man, yall made my day.

Drop the obscenity

The potty mouth above will find he/she will do better in all aspects of job searches and getting on with people if they will rise above the obscenities.  I would appreciate this website more if you'd put a lid on it.  It only brands you as inarticulate.  


Are you referring to "LMAO" as an obscenity? You are offended by an acronym? How about you get off your high horse so we can all get along. Use the thumper ideology - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. If you don't like what they wrote, don't read it. Are you a fan of free speech? I am, but to each their own. Speaking of branding, I think you have just branded yourself as an ass. There. Obscenity. 


She wasn't referring to the LMAO comment you fool. Read up several comments. Most of us who can articulate and are capable of speaking with a semi-developed vocabulary don't need to read that language. It just waters down anything intelligent they do say. I'm in total agreement with her, being respectful of all the readers on here is how "we get along." And your comment about not reading it is ridiculous...obviously you don't know what it says until you do read it.


If this was facebook, I might break the like button. :D


I graduated Summa Cum Laude, BS Mathematics, QPA 4.0. Never could find a math related job. Went into computers.


Funny so did my father

Employment Outlook

I'm majoring in Applied Math for Science and Engineering. Can any expert tell me how likely it is to find employment as a mathematician? Or can someone refer me to a website for the answer. I am concerned with salary, but I care about job security even more.

Good options for Math Engineering

Hi Anonymous on Fri, 05/25/2012 - 17:34. - You should get master in financial engineering and go to CFA certification after you graduated and go to investment banking, start your career as analyst. I heard they earn a lot there...

Math Fight!

You guys are funny. I love math geeks


Honestly, I am not so concerned with the equations in the picture on the glass; they're a bit irrelevant. I am more focused on the salary of mathematicians. Correct me if I'm wrong but I do not believe that most mathematicians at colleges and universities make $99,191.00 per year. That is all.

The salary is completely misleading for mathematician

Most mathematicians work in universities. Even though they have Ph.D, their pay is shamfully low (entry level is about $60'000! ) Where diid you get $99,190?
Besides, there are so many Ph.D mathematicians. Typically, for one academic opening, there are often over 200 applicants!

He's still smarter than the rest of us

His backwards writing skills are excellent


99K? where?

they REALLY are in demand!

Wow it looks like the company that created this stock photo should have consulted with a mathematician before taking this picture. Or the website should have talked to one to make sure this photo was accurate. I'm in the wrong industry...

Best & Worst Jobs or Just Bad Math?

Dude. Too much time on your hands. Go back to your calculator. If you have nothing else to do, figure this out: Find x and y in 3x + yi = 5x + 1 + 2i.

I'll be watching for your response. Oh, and I'm sure the folks at CareerCast will call you for your stock photo input when math maniacs show up in their next report.

hi answer is x=-1/2; y=2

x=-1/2; y=2

this guy

i hate whoever wrote this. i hope that all the terrible things in life find them and only them.

Who the fuck cares?

It's just a picture that is supposed to appeal to the common-man's idea of a math major. Most people are gonna look at is and just think "Wow, that's really mathy and makes my head hurt. As an accomplished mathematician myself, I realize the material presented is irrelevant and unimportant.....but it's just a picture to represent a mathematician. Get over it

you should know:

He plays a mathematician on TV

Uhhh... guys?

Why haven't we also pointed out the fact that - standing on the opposite side of the glass as he is - HE'S WRITING BACKWARD!! What planet is this creature from! Get the foil hats and the guns! THEY WALK AMONG US!!

This "creature", as you call

This "creature", as you call him, is from the planet Promo..This is merely a demonstrative photograph...In the words of Miss Manners,"Calm yourself, Gentle Reader."

math fail

The top equation is incorrect.

you fail

it's not incorrect. it imposes a constraint on the possible values of a and b. it's just not valid for all possible values of a and b.


Though when b=0, the equation is trivially correct :).

dont judge him...he's a

dont judge him...he's a model... XD


1. What you have described is an *applied* mathematician. Real mathematicians work in the math departments of universities and develop concepts that are not likely to see the light of day for at least fifty years. They work at least sixty hours per week and are paid in what amounts to be "chump change."

2. E=mc^2 is completely irrelevant in all but the most highly technical businesses.

3. "sin^3(x)+sin^2(x)*cos(x) = ?" is not a well-posed question. There is nothing to solve for.

4. "x+y-2 <= 2" is a silly way to state a relationship. A less silly way to write this is "x+y <= 4".

One more to add ...

5. (a+b)^3 is not (a-b)(a^2+2ab).

Math Genius super model

yea it's (a+b)(a+b)(a+b). DUH!


this is the most amazing comment ever posted in the history of careercast.

It does if a = .7 and b = 0

It does if a = .7 and b = 0 and that's just 1 possible solution.

He could just be solving for them.

Actually, if b=0, then any

Actually, if b=0, then any value of "a" satisfies the equality.

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