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Police Officer's Job Is Very Stressful

I agree with the writer who says: Ride a shift in a scout car and see what your stress level will be! I can't imagine that whoever took this pole understands anything about real stress. Fire Fighter, Soldier, Teacher these jobs should top the list. But these days the most stressful job on this list should be Soldier, Police Officer (civilian soldier) Fire Fighter, Teacher and then slot all the rest according to their severity level of stress. A pilot flies a plane with the aid of the instrument panel and control tower; a photo journalist? Unless he/she is a combat journalist they couldn't possibly rate higher than a Police Officer! How does he/she rate to top the list above a Police Officer? That is insane! A Photo Journalist takes photos, developes them and submits them where is the stress level in that such that it is above a Police Officer's stress level? Sit in a police unit in a city like Detroit or any metropolitan city where there is high crime statistics and respond to 20-35 police runs in a shift and 15 - 20 of them are headed with "Unit #, address to respond, "MAN WITH A GUN - SHOOTING IN PROGRESS"; or, "FAMILY TROUBLE (DOMESTIC TROUBLE) LARGE CROWD FIGHTING IN THE STREET WITH KNIVES - SHOTS BEING FIRED, or "ACTIVE SHOOTER FIRING SHOTS IN THE MALL"! Whoever this rater is, they will definitely change their mind about the sress level of a Police Officer, but only after they've changed their shorts.


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