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When All Else Fails, Consider a Useless Job

By Kyle Kensing

From data-entry clerks to sign spinners, opportunities exist to find less than fulfilling employment.

Long days spent watching the clock plague everyone at some time or another in their working lives. Such frustrating moments can make your job feel meaningless, but those lulls are typically offset during busy periods. Yet some jobs lack those peaks that make work fulfilling, which makes them some of the most menial, obsolete and downright useless jobs in the working world.

Determining a job’s usefulness can be subjective. While there are certain professions that may not fill any meaningful purpose – reality TV star, for example – there is enough consumer demand to keep people who hold those jobs busy.

Demand plays a role when we determine the rankings for our annual CareerCast Jobs Rated report. Careers are added to reflect the changing employment landscape, while others are removed when they are no longer relevant. For instance, our Jobs Rated report no longer includes data-entry clerk or word processor among its Top 200 listings, as that type of job has become increasingly obsolete.

Still, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that as of last May, there were still tens of thousands of people employed as word processors. And the BLS reports that in 2010, over 300,000 compositors were still in the labor force.

“The worst part about it is that it’s so basic,” says one former data-entry clerk in California who asked to remain anonymous. “Data-entry just eats away at your day.”

Sometimes called featherbedding -- named as such because it equates to filler – many useless jobs still exist because the work needs to get done and hasn't been automated.

The former data-entry clerk says that a challenge for those who hold dwindling or useless jobs is parlaying their experience into other opportunities. If a particular skill set is no longer in demand, the onus is on you to learn new viable skills.

“You can always spin your skills into a more marketable light,” he says.

Technology is the most consistent factor in rendering a job useless. Planning a trip today is a do-it-yourself endeavor: you can book accommodations, transportation, discover restaurants and entertainment, and navigate your route all online. Thus, the traditional travel agent is no longer necessary. However, specialized travel agents still exist to tackle unusual or exotic requests, usually from wealthy clients. They've created a niche that has turned a useless job into a profitable one.

Akin to data-entry clerks, technical advancements have made typesetters obsolete. Publications are moving to an online-only model with increased regularity each year. And yet, the BLS estimates nearly 300,000 typesetters remained employed just a few years ago.

To be sure, not all useless jobs were at one time practical. There are frivolous jobs that don’t fulfill a necessity. For example, atmosphere coordinators won’t spend their “work” day (or night) twiddling their thumbs. Rather, they pump their fists for pay. That’s because some nightclubs and bars hire employees who are essentially professional partiers. They are tasked with feigning a great time with the aim of their fun influencing patrons, and thus generating more business.

Earning a pay day for having a good time, contrived or not, probably still beats some jobs, such as bearing the elements to solicit drive-up business, which is the life of the sign spinner. Spending an afternoon under the sun in a plush mascot costume and using a cardboard sign to advertise discount products hardly seems like an ideal work day. But this guerrilla marketing tactic is popular because it’s inexpensive.

Most useless jobs have one other attribute in common: they are low wage. And while sign spinning is popular now, it could face a similar fate of shrinking market that other careers see, if some legislators get their wish. Local governments are cracking down on sign spinners, and others following suit could endanger their job prospects.

One solution for a useless job is to seek ways to either contribute more to the job you have, or find volunteer work or a second job that adds more workplace stimulus. Remember also that job market instability over the past few years has taught many of us to not take employment for granted. If you find yourself looking at the clock every few minutes and rearranging your pen placement, it could be worse -- you could be spending your time seeking a paying job.


Useless Jobs: Atmosphere Coordinator

Pseudo bar/club/event patrons tasked with manufacturing a festive atmosphere.

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I am not a travel agent but I

I am not a travel agent but I use one all the time. I am in the travel industry and good luck talking to a computer when something goes wrong with your are in bigger trouble when that computer talks back to you! Travel agents are available 24/7 and you actually talk to someone who can assist you, they get to know you personally, your likes and me a computer that can do that.....Travel agents see sales representatives, take courses, and go to dinner and seminars driven by tourist boards from around the world. Again, please show me a computer that can do some of the things listed above. Plus travel agents do so much more, above is only to mention a few. (sumber : )

If travel agents were so

If travel agents were so useful why are all the travel agents writing comments here? Or doing searches on useless jobs? Unless they felt their job was useless and are doing a search on it; as most people have done to get here.

Playing devil's advocate... 

Playing devil's advocate...  "50% of people out there trust and use a travel agent"??  Really?  I see a lot of comments coming from biased travel agents whose statements are loaded without credible sources.  If you want to support your claim against an article, such as this, you might want to do your own research and back up that statement with true facts to avoid sounding defensive and biased.  Just saying.  Pretty sure CareerCast did their research before posting this article.For example:Travel planning sources:  The most widely-used information source to plan leisure trips is the Internet followed by online travel agencies, branded suppliers, and other websites. One-in four of adult leisure travelers also obtain information from friends, relatives, neighbors, and/or co-workers. Guide books were the fifth most popular source, being used by 15 percent of all leisure travelers. (Source: travelhorizonsTM, July 2009)


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF A TRAVEL AGENT....... am a travel agent.... I have the advance degrees in accounting, public relations, marketing, business building, computer science, civil engineering and Swahili. I am a travel agent.... Of course I remember the reservation you booked six years ago, even though you don't have a confirmation number and you think it was made under a last name that begins with a T. I am a travel agent.... It's no problem for me to give you seven connecting non-smoking poolside suites with 2 king beds and 4 rollaways in each, and yes, it is my fault that the hotel does not have a helicopter pad. I am a travel agent.... I speak all languages and have visited every destination. I am a travel agent.... It's obvious to me when you book your reservation for Friday, you really mean Saturday. I am a travel agent.... My company has entrusted me with financial information, and yet I can't tell you why your hotel bill for March 1989 had a 50p phone call because, of course, you shouldn't have to pay for calls. I am a travel agent.... I understand that Joe Blow Ltd. is a vast empire and will make or break my agency. I am a travel agent.... Yes, I am lying when I say there are no seats left at the lowest price. I am a travel agent.... No, it's not a problem for me to quickly construct several more guest rooms at the hotel you want, and this time I will not forget the helicopter landing pad! I am a travel agent.... I am capable of checking fares for three people, taking five reservations and answering fifteen calls simultaneously. I am a travel agent.... I always know where to find the best vegetarian, kosher, and Mongolian barbecue restaurants. I am a travel agent.... I know exactly what to do in all cities without spending money. I am a travel agent.... I take responsibility for airline food, traffic jams, rental car flat tires, weather, hotel locations, and the national economy. I am a travel agent.... Of course I can fit you into the hotel at the special corporate rate because you are affiliated with the Blackburn North Lawn Bowls club. I am a travel agent... I am never offended when I spend 10 hours researching a 12 day Europe itinerary only to hear you say you "booked it yourself over the internet and saved £30!" I also never gloat when you call back to say the rate was sold out or that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere since they cancelled your flight and you cannot "call" your internet provider to be re-protected on another flight. I am a travel agent... I love when people walk up to me at parties and out of the blue expect me to know the latest airlines fares from Melbourne to Ibiza via Byron Bay, the Maldives and Nairobi "off the top of my head". I am a travel agent... I love that everyone assumes I get to travel everywhere for free and when I do get to take advantage of a perk people act like it is a sin against nature. If you ask me to get you the rate at my "travel agent discount" I will kill you. I am a travel agent... Don't bother telling me any dates or cities since I'm a mind reader and already have the reservation in my crystal ball before you can tell me. Besides all above; I smile, empathize, sympathize, console, cajole, up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, perform, sing, dance, make coffee and fix the printer.................. I am your travel agent! AUTHOR:-  Unknown

I am not a travel agent but I

I am not a travel agent but I use one all the time. I am in the travel industry and good luck talking to a computer when something goes wrong with your are in bigger trouble when that computer talks back to you! Travel agents are available 24/7 and you actually talk to someone who can assist you, they get to know you personally, your likes and me a computer that can do that.....Travel agents see sales representatives, take courses, and go to dinner and seminars driven by tourist boards from around the world. Again, please show me a computer that can do some of the things listed above. Plus travel agents do so much more, above is only to mention a few.

Mr. Kensing's study gives a

Mr. Kensing's study gives a nod to travel advisors who have carved out a profitable niche by specializing in exotic travel. While specializing in exotic or unusual travel can certainly be profitable, it's those who specialize in knowing their clients and anticipating their needs who transcend the role of order-taker to become a trusted advisor.  True travel advisors, such as those who are part of the Virtuoso network, are alive and thriving.  And only a network of travel professionals who account for annual travel sales in excess of $9.6 billion, who congregate each year for Bellagio Resort's single largest conference - Virtuoso Travel Week - can elicit this kind of welcome:  

I have been an agent for over

I have been an agent for over 30 years - a successful one!  The one thing I learned from the "do-it-yourself" online clients vs. the ones who value and respect me and what I offer them, is I do not need those types of clients!  Funny how when this booking trend started, people tried it out and many came back to their useless travel agents - they discovered it was not woeth the time and headaches it took them.It is very insulting to my profession - and it is definitely a profession - that you would be so misguided.  Try actually researching before you put your information out there, you might be enlightened! 




1. The Best Value for your Travel Dollar

We inform you about all your choices, let you know of special promotions and make recommendations

2. Customer Advocate Experience problems? We can assist you in resolving concerns 3. Personal Advice

Our job is to make sure you get there, at the best price in the most pleasant way possible

4. Unbiased Information

We work for you, not the travel supplier. Our only objective is to get you the best value and meet and exceed your expectations. That way you will become a loyal customer.

5. Maximum Choice We provide a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers 6. Expert Guidance

We’re experts in understanding and deciphering the intricacies of the system and in helping you take full advantage of them

7. Time Savings

We have all the information at our fingertips and can pull up all of your options (including web and consolidator fares) within seconds

8. Convenient One Stop Shopping

We’ll save you time and money by handling every aspect of your trip from air tickets to your car rental, lodging and activities as required

9. Personalized Service

We are not an impersonal voice thousands of miles away. We’re your neighbour.

10. Trust

We are not an anonymous website or long distance number. We are a local business. You know how to reach us when you need


What is the name of your

What is the name of your Company?

Tell my clients I am useless

Tell my clients I am useless as a Travel agent.  When I had clients who got stuck in Atlanta during Hurricane Sandy I got  them a hotel room while others were sleeping on teh floor of the .  I was the one that rearranged their flights and got them to Italy while others were stuck in lines waiting to see what was available.  Tell the couple whose luggage was lost by an airline while heading to 10 day cruise.  I got them in contact with their travel insurance carrier and before they knew it they had clothes and their vacation was still on.  Tell the family  who needed extra information about the all inclusive vacation they had planned but dind't know about special needs accomadations for their 8 year old son. Tell the couple who didn't realize that Bermuda was not an island in the Bahamas that I am not valuable when I checked their itinerary and realized the mistake they made because they didn't want to use a travel agent to begin with. I saved them several thousand dollars.  I answer the phone on Sunday afternoon if there is a problem.  Expedia does not.  My clients know my value and sing my praises.  I do the research so they concentrate on making memories. Perhaps you should have done your research before you allowed an article with such incorrect information. Cathy AndersonDestinations by Cathy

 You are great miss informed.

 You are great miss informed. The Travel Advisors who work for my company earn from $52,000.00 to $110,000.00 per year plus full health and dental insurance for their family (no co-pay) , cell phone and High -speed Internet allowance, Auto Insurance, a clothing allowance and a travel allowance. Please show me a burger flipper, sewer cleaner or even your cleaner that have that type of take home salary. Yes, you are right; we do get 500+ resumes a week because our career is fun, fulfilling an adventurous, but we only hire the best coming out of college right now. They start at $52,000.00 per year, work four days a week, spend the weekends traveling and travel on a 7 to 10 day tour or cruise for the company as a Travel Host once a month. So please tell me about your "Job" how is your pay and benefits? Not even close, I bet. 

without an agent, you're on

without an agent, you're on your own. Amen to that.

No Such Thing as a "Useless

No Such Thing as a "Useless Job" unless you work for the Goverment. As long as there is a demand for a service or product, there will always be a job available in the private sector. All jobs in the private sector  create value regardless of stature, they keep the economic wheels turning, they pay taxes at the local, state and federal level and usually support the local non-profit organization.   So Kyle, if you really want to write about "Useless Jobs" take a look at Goverment and see how many of the Goverments jobs were created that add NO VALUE to the taxpayers or our society in general.

I dont see any job listing

I dont see any job listing under Career Cast for Travel agents.  but do see them under many other of the job listing sites.And I am sure that Nobody will be using your Career Cast sight for that.So you just lost your company money.Maybe they should reevalute your position and cast it as usless...

Kyle,Lets see you plan a

Kyle,Lets see you plan a destination wedding for 50 plus people on-line!!!

I agree that Travel Agents

I agree that Travel Agents are a 'useless breed'.Why ?Well, why are Travel Agents one of the lowest paid jobs ?Burger flippers, Garbage collection, sewer cleaners and even my cleaner earns more per hour than a travel agent.When travel agents moan, it's a simple matter to sack them because for every one you sack, another 500-1000 will apply for the job. 

Really?  Where do you get

Really?  Where do you get your information from?  Travel agents are anything BUT a useless profession and if you had done a few minutes of research you woud have found that the die hard "do it yourself" travelers are returning to travel agents because they've been burned too many times by the online travel agencies.  What an insulting and non-fact based article!  This is as bad as the journalistic garbage that Woman's Day just recently published!

I have been in the Travel

I have been in the Travel Business since 1976.  I have managed and owned my own store front agency in the same location since 1982.  I have several employees that all earn a paycheck - not based on commission - they receive a real hourly wage and they really like their jobs.  I don't think my clients would appreciate it if I closed my doors, they count on us being open and always ready to help them with their next dream.  I just helped some clients get back to their home city after their cruise ship cancelled their vacation this week - took several hours to get hotels cancelled and rebooked along with flights exchanges and cruise refunds ordered etc. Something that would have been very difficult not to mention time consuming to try and do from your hotel room in Alaska on your own - and did I mention it was all done at no cost to them.  I know they will book again with me soon - that is what your agent does for you - we are here to help if problems come up.  I never feel useless and never have to wonder what I'm going to do next.  I come in the office every day between 7:30 and 8:00am and never get out until after 7pm.  I don't normally even get time for lunch. Each and every time I pick up the phone I am off to a new destination, what could be more fun than that - I make money doing it and it cost my client nothing more than if he or she booked online, and saves them hours of research.  Using a Travel Consultant is a win win situation for all - the agent, the client, and the economy! 

A travel agent's best

A travel agent's best marketing is generally word-of-mouth and a loyal customer base.  They generally do not have the need to advertise in the same way the window cleaners do. 

 To re “When

 To re “When All Else Fails, Consider a Useless Job”   The inclusion of travel agents in your article about “useless jobs,” along with the likes of sign-spinners and clairvoyants, is as insulting as it is inaccurate.  Before slapping such a label on an entire industry, you might have considered doing basic research on it.  Since it appears that you didn’t, I am taking this opportunity to set the record straight on behalf of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and travel agents everywhere.   Contrary to the myth of the travel agent as a dying breed, perpetuated by your article, those who have adapted to the internet era have not only survived but have thrived.  Travel agents have fully embraced new technologies and serve consumers through both specialized professional travel distribution technology, not available to consumers, as well as internet-based tools.     Because of those facts, travel agents are alive and well – and they do a robust business by providing expertise and advice to millions of travelers every year, using a combination of new and old technologies.  Basic research would have shown that as of year-end 2012, there were about 8,000 U.S. travel agency firms in business employing 105,000 people.  In 143 million transactions, those agencies sold $86 billion worth of air travel (64 percent of the market).  While online agents account for a lot of that business, so-called traditional agents actually sell about half of it, in addition to the vast majority of the $15 billion worth of cruises (64 percent) and $9 billion in tour packages (66 percent).  Those are big numbers.  Travel agents help to move people around the country and around the world, and in the process keep our economy moving.  Useless?  Not hardly.   Your article paints travel agency jobs as menial and unrewarding.  Clearly, you did not talk to anyone in the industry before writing your article.  A career as a travel agent is exciting, fast‐paced and rewarding.  A 2011 Oprah segment on the “Happiest Jobs in America” revealed that travel agents are among the happiest professionals in America.  Travel agents, along with clergy, special educationteachers and firefighters, were given this special distinction, thanks in part to the amount of socialinteraction these professions offer.    While their role has changed over the decades, travel agents serve a vital public purpose and fulfill a range of needs for the traveling public, something your article hinted at underneath its deceptive and attention-grabbing headline.  They use both cutting-edge technologies and the internet to save consumers money and time.  That’s why consumers use, and will continue to use, travel agents – for professional help as to how best to spend their limited travel dollars.  Labeling these hard-working women and men as “useless” does them and your readers a huge disservice.    Sincerely,   Paul M. Ruden, Senior Vice President, American Society of Travel Agents 

Obviously, he has a lot of

Obviously, he has a lot of time on his hands to plan a vacation....and faith that there won't be weather, strikes, delays, cancellations, or human error - then he is on his own.  Most consumers rather have an agent do it - and there is a lot more to it than one might think.I was sitting at a camp in remote Kenya with a group of agents I was leading on a fam trip.  As we were waiting for our bush plane, other guests came stomping in and had the nerve to say what Kyle said - that it is a nothing job and we should be ashamed of ourselves.  We asked what happened... they said they were not booked on the bush plane out of the camp.  The camp did not have room to offer them another night and no room on the plane...they had to spend $500 each to take a private car service to their next destination, and miss a whole day of game viewing.We said they should definitely take it up with their travel agent - except they admitted they didn't use a travel agent.  They were smart enough to do it themselves and save themselves the money.  

Kyle is spot on.  Any travel

Kyle is spot on.  Any travel agent (if there are any left like this) who thinks they're job is to make reservations is on a fast-track to nowhereland.  Modern-day travel consultants do just what Kyle recommends - leverage their skills, knowledge, and creativity to deliver to their clients the kinds of things clients cannot do on their own.  Yes, this does include emergency services as mentioned above, but travel consultants are more than just an insurance policy for nervous travelers.  We find/recommend/design/refine/trouble-shoot/quality-control/strategize/coordinate/enhance every trip we take on. 

Better to remain silent and

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

Obviously Kyle is not in the

Obviously Kyle is not in the category of wealthy enough to use travel agent service. We as a 'traditional' travel agent should just deal with the one who has money to pay their trip not to the one who really hard to find the way to travel free. 

Kyle, you're a pretty funny

Kyle, you're a pretty funny guy... obviously you know nothing about how travel agents work.I started selling cruises in 2008 and all but the 1st year I've made 6 figures every year... interesting to me as all my friends with "useful" jobs are lucky to make 50K.And when it comes to Cruises, in Alaska alone there are over 100 Cruise Tour options to choose from & in Europe dozens of itineraries... telling people they can figure that out themselves is great advice Kyle, I'm sure people have plenty of Free time for that these days? Last time I checked people r busier then ever, they don't have more leisure time then ever.Why would someone spend hours & hours & hours trying to figure out their precious vacation & hoping for the best when someone like me (who's Cruised 32 times, has booked thousands of people on Cruises & has sold almost 10million dollars worth of them) can do that in a few minutes. I tell you what, I could spend hours online learning to fix my vehicle if it breaks down but going to my mechanic makes a little more sense to me!And finally Kyle, not sure if you've ever heard of little companies called Walmart, Costco, etc. That's where people go to get good prices from companies that do a lot of volume and hence buy products at wholesale, cheaper then the consumer could direct.Well, as I'm an independent agent with an agency that does hundreds of millions of dollars in biz per year, when there's an unpublished 2 for 1 deal or thousands off or huge onboard credit, etc. the consumer can ONLY get that through an agent like me... they'll never find it online (deals like that aren't allowed to be published online) while they're "doing it themselves" as you make that sound so easy to do.Kyle, maybe in your next article you should include "writer for Career Cast" as a useless job!Shawn Power

I could not disagree more

I could not disagree more with your article on useless jobs, especially regarding travel agents. If you have been keeping up with current trends travel agents are making a come back.

 I have many, many clients who CAN book their own travel, but after doing so, have come to realize that their time and sanity are worth more.  There are a myriad of travel choices out there and consumers are spending their scarce free time hunting down the right decisions.  There are many things that an individual CAN do such as servicing your car, cutting your hair, or even doing you nails, but we don't because either we lack the expertise, too much could go wrong, or we prefer to have it done well.  So why do your own vacation, when an agent can do it for you saving you time and helping you make sure it is done well. 

And the real clincher, it often costs little or nothing to use an agent.  Many agents charge a fee, usually a small fee for their services, some depend solely on commission received from suppliers.  The exception is airline tickets.  As the airlines no longer pay commission, most agents charge a per ticket fee (like the online agencies do).

These comments justify the

These comments justify the article and the defensive tones are the behaviour of a sector resistant to change. Without making a generalisation, there really are some fantastic agency businesses in the UK - fact. However, at best most are order takers and have no CRM what so ever. In my local town, where there are three travel agents, I can not remember the last time I received any marketing. I'm pretty sure that our local window cleaner or handy man create more leads and demand from their hand delivered notes. If you don't like the article (wholly subjective but reflective of consumer sentiment) then get out there and become the change that you and your customers have been waiting for.

"Still, the U.S. Bureau of

"Still, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that as of last May, there were still tens of thousands of people employed as word processors. And the BLS reports that in 2010, over 300,000 compositors were still in the labor force."  So, if they are obsolete and useless, why do you think they are still employed?  I doubt there are a lot of employers out there who like to spend more than they have to.  "“The worst part about it is that it’s so basic,” says one former data-entry clerk in California who asked to remain anonymous. “Data-entry just eats away at your day.”"   And what job does not eat away at your day? The useless ones are the people who are perfectly able to work but have gotten comfortable collecting welfare so they continuously find a way to manipulate the system.  That is useless.

Believe me, as a "useless"

Believe me, as a "useless" travel agent, I have access to plenty of tools, resources, vendors, and contacts that you, as a consumer, do not know even exist.  So, please, next time your flight gets delayed, call "the Internet" instead of my office, okay? 

Presumably a recruitment

Presumably a recruitment consultant is also a job that can be rendered "useless" by technology ?Even the online aggregating "informative" career sites (such as this one) will be superseded in the future by technological changes which further empowers the consumer and allows direct access to the employer.Perhaps journalists will also be added to this list of "useless" jobs, and we should rely upon uninformed comments from members of the public who post "opinion" in place of reasoned and unbiased journalism.I feel sorry for all those data enty clerks who are trying to decphyer illegible written scrawl, to input onto computer systems.  How else will this type of information be entered accurately.  OCR probably does not come close where handwriting is concerned.  Their job is important, not useless as are the travel agents with many years of experience.What is "useless", is blog entries such as this, designed solely to provide traffic to a commerical site such as this.

An expert travel agent

An expert travel agent (better to call him/her "travel consultant") is a valuable resource.  Most, however, are useless or are hemmed in by the systems they work with, private deals rewarding them for pushing more business in a certain direction.The world has moved on and travel consultants need to learn what is needed in today's world.  They *were* agents for air- and shipping lines and paid on commission ... today they [should] work for the passenger. For most travel agents, comparing them with clerks is spot on.  They need to wake up and find a specialist niche and knowledge.  Or find new jobs.

all the best to you if you

all the best to you if you can find first hand knowledge of resorts/hotels through websites or even book a round the world trip through a website... you seriously dont have a clue what a travel agent/tour operator does... come and work with us for a day and you will see exactly what we do..

Just another person that

Just another person that doesn't understand what a travel agent does!  You can do your own legal stuff without a lawyer and sell your house without a real estate agent but you can't do it without expertise.  Travel agents are underpaid experts.

This is abosulutly a

This is abosulutly a dis-service to the public. Travel agents have thousands of hours of training in geography, cruise vendor products, tour vendor products, the best time of the year to go to Europe, the worst time of the year to go to Asia, etc...I have been an Agent for 15 years and I am still learning everyday, because that is how often things change in the travel industry.According to Kyle, most people have plenty of time for "Planning a trip today is a do-it-yourself endeavor" .A lot of my clients according to there own words, "have spent hours reserching" and still aren't sure of "accommodations, transportation, restaurants and entertainment" If you are doing a road trip from point A to point B then I suppose that Agents are not a necessity, however, an Agents time and knowledge is invaluable.What Kyle is apparently not aware of, an Agent in most cases will find the client the best rates and ammenities that may or may not be available online. And the good news is that most times there are no additional fees for the Agents time and service. They will pay the same rate for the online service and once they are paid in full, that is the end of the service. Good luck if you have a problem on your vacation.Just my opion on Kyles artical. He obviously did do his homework.Roni Jordan, Travel Consultant  

The next time one of the

The next time one of the website creators is stuck at an airport because his Expedia reservation is not listed...tell him to call Expedia and not a travel agent who would have double checked his reservation.

This is

This is disgusting...comparing a travel agent to a medium or even a data entry clerk is ridiculous.This is insulting beyond belief as over 50% of people out there trust and use a travel agent for their needs.  You should be ashamed of yourself putting these kinds of lies out there for the public.

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