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Most Stressful Jobs of 2013 - 10. Police Officer


An officer’s beat can be one of the most dangerous in the working world. Breaking down doors not knowing what's on the other side definitely raises blood pressure levels. And loss of life on the job is a real, on-going concern. Police officers are tasked with a community’s safety, but they must also uphold the standards to which the profession is held, which can also be a challenge.








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Wah Wah Wah

Why is it always the teachers whining about how hard their job is? I'm sorry but I was a teacher for a short while I didn't like the politics of it SO I LEFT instead of constantly complaining and needing endless recognition for a job that I was well compensated for in comparison to some of the professions on this list. In my years I've seen my baby brother shipped over seas in the military and my firefighter and police officer friends injured on the job and their families constant fears over their safety, and my family in the medical field literally hold people's lives in their hands on a daily basis with no complaints all I can say is teachers are the whiniest bunch of self important people in the workforce!


I am a lawyer. I find it very stressful.

Sadly it wasn't even

Sadly it wasn't even mentioned.  Shows what the public thinks about their medical careand the seriousness of the profession

Truck drivers???

How you guys can forget about truckers( one of the top ten dangerous jobs in america)how about you break down in snow , middle of no where you cell phone is not working , heaters not working no food to eat ?how about not able to c your family for weeks?how about dealing with troopera, scales every other day risking youe driver licensehow about the respect you get  from orhers being a trucker??God bless truckers!!!


Seriously?So...quit and join the Police or perhaps the Armed Forces,,,ya didnt think so...SHUT UP

Agree with military.

I agree what our men over seas have to deal with.....knowing if they are going to die tomorrow and having to leave their family. But a medical Field a should have been placed in four or five because they have people's lives in their hands. 


I'd be very interested to see who came up with this list, how did they obtain the data and where was the data collected from; one State or in many? and from which country...?Teachers are extremely stressed, due to the many complexities of the position... Common Stressors Teachers Experience

  • Poor classroom working conditions (small room, many students)
  • Lack of adequate instructional materials and teaching resources
  • Lack of proper facilities within a school (heating/cooling, lighting, media facilities, noise, room structure)
  • Job security – budget cuts mean teacher cuts
  • Decreased job mobility
  • Low salaries
  • Little opportunity for promotions.
  • Annual incremental raises not in pace with cost of living
  • Interruptions during teaching time
  • Conflict between amount of time to teach and curriculum
  • Teachers roles: teacher, mother/father, coach, counselor , nurse, psychologist, etc
  • Heavy workload gives teachers no time to  relax within a day
  • Teachers bring work home daily – no time to finish  at work
  • High-Stakes Assessment Testing
  • Res ponsible to Administration/Board Objectives & Policies
  • Responsible to the students, parents, school administration/board
  • Physical and Mental abuse by students And now with the more apparent use of drugs and weapons in schools ... ...

Death of a Salesman

Totally agree! Sales is not only extremely stressful, but it's so unpredictable. Worst of all, a good sales person may be well compensated for what they do, but at the end of the day they're more than likely viewed as "second class" personnel by their employers and customers. Why? Because we're essentially "bullshit artists" or "circus barkers" trying to convince someone to "give up" their money on something they may or may not need at the moment. Every day is a relentless hustle to ABC (always be closing) the sale. You're only as good as your last sale, and if you haven't made one lately your boss is certain to abuse you by letting you know how disappointed he is with your poor performance. You're constantly "teased" with an endless stream of jive ass sales incentives like a "trip to the Bahamas", a brand new Lexus or a set of steak knives just to make you "pound the street" for more sales. And don't kid yourself, your relationships with your customers are tenuous. If a competitor comes in with a better price or give away that trumps your deal you're out on your ass. And God forbid that you make a mistake that costs your client money, you'll be "drawn and quartered" without mercy and at your expense. Nope, sales ain't for the weak of heart, and you better get use to being rejected 90% of the time, because even the best sales pros can't stay on top of their game forever. 

K-9 add those pups in also

add K-9s right along with those police officers, they both have alot of stress...  


Amen to that! 

I agree

Doctor should be number 1

I disagree with this list

Doctor should be number 1..having to cut people open and sew them back together is much more stressful than a taxi driver..give me a break! 

I not know how Health care

I not know how Health care professionals are not on here.  As a ngive, one tiny little human error can harm or potentially kill a patient.  It causes me a great amount of stress.  Atleast as some one who is a CEO or a PR rep ( wtf?). Any mistake they scant wont kill someone!


Being in Sales in one form or another for many years. I can concur that the Stress (not danger) from a Sales job can be overwhelming. With no security of your job at any given moment,cleints reactions  to your product or lack there of , if the economy will effect your co negatively or even your paycheck,always having the feeling that you can be replaced by someone and  your always on edge waiting for the carpet to be swept underneath you.Not to mention the basic 24/7 mentality in that there of Hospitality and Tradeshow industries that you can can never be "off" and must be hooked up to your "machine" (phone and computer) for your cleints or boss is draining. So yes Sales is not putting your life on the line and technically "dangerous" but is a stressful job that can effect your life,health and well being on all levels.

Male models?

What about male models? Has anyone seen what they have to go through? If not check out a great documentary called Zoolander. Who wrote this list!

Health Care Field - Amen!

Having worked as a paramedic for over 10 years in the City of Detroit and a lovely 'city in the city' - Highland Park, which ranks up there with Watts, etc.  I find it insulting not to have health care workers listed.  Let's see how unstressful it was:Been shot at twice - once on duty, once as a civilian.Numerous times had my life physically threatened.Almost trapped in a house one night and I dont think those people wanted me to stay and play cards....Almost electrocuted once by a downed Edison primary electric lineI've had blood, vomit, urine, saliva, you name it on me at one time or another - including another incident where I was exposed to TB, that was later ruled out as the patient being inactive.So, I assume these are just day to day la-de-das and don't rank up with the stress of a news reporter or the public relations official.BTW - why I am not still working as a paramedic?  Career ending injury that half destroyed my ankle by sliding down an unsafe ramp on duty.  I am sure any CEO or PR personnel can relate to this.


A vastly under rated category for stress levels. With regards to trading jobs, let me just add that no one I know would trade their job to that of teaching even if they were to keep their current salary (usually much more than any teacher). In fact, they would keep their current job even if their pay was reduced to that of a teacher instead of the first option just mentioned.

No nurses?

This list is dominated by male-dominated occupations. I wonder who made the final decisions here.



Health Field?

Are ya kidding me? Nothing listed in the health field?  I'm an RN and I'd swap my modest 65k salary and the sometimes intolerable stress of being an RN for an executive CEO's 20million plus bonus, 2 year gig in a heartbeat.  

Down here in FL Firefighters

Down here in FL Firefighters are Paramedic/EMTs... They go hand in hand with each other. 

I can't believe there are no

I can't believe there are no medical careers in here.  They are facing the same cut backs, and deadlines as newspaper reporters with drug shortages, insurance regulations, government involvement and lives hanging in the balance.

Perhaps I missed it, but even

Perhaps I missed it, but even after reading all the comments, I can't believe nobody said anything about Paramedics.  Talk about having other people's lives in your hands...and working all night, and being on the same scene with police officers, and being on the same fire as the fire fighters, and intubating someone in a vehicle going 50 miles an hour, and donning your boots in 30 seconds flat, and missing every meal you start to eat, and being away from your family, and low wages so that they work more than one job, and short career life. 


Thank you. Our jobs can be very stressful. We run towards danger, not away from it 

Police is 10th?

Really? police is more dangerous than firefighters but firefighters are "Americas heroes" so they get more respect. 

Child Protective Caseworkers

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I have worked in this field for 11 years and everything you said is 100% correct. 


Agreed! I am a CPS worker. Usually if we think the situation will be dangerous, we bring a police officer with us. 

Thank You !!  

Thank You !!

child protective caseworkers

Child Protective workers have a lot of the same stresses as teachers and police officers, except they work year-round and don't carry guns.  They go into the worst neighborhoods, usually alone, have to confront very hostile people at times, and are also liable to be attacked.  Their caseloads are way too big, and god forbid they drop the ball and something happens to a child on their caseload.  They are expected to protect children from societal ills that lead to child abuse or neglect, such as poverty, drug abuse, teenage pregannacy, etc. but get called to task by judges, lawyers, community activists and others for taking kids away from their parents.  Trsut me when I say that (thakfully) most of the cases do NOT involve the kind of horrific abuses you see in the press, but there are many children who need assistance nonetheless.  Teachers have larger classes than they's like and the police unions are always advocating for more cops, but if one kid in your class flunks or the crime wave rises you don't see a particular individual being blamed or even fired.  Caseworkers are not paid as well as teachers or cops or social workers who work in other capacities.

I guess it depends on the

I guess it depends on the type of stress the author is talking about. Salespeople and public relations reps have high levels of expectation to perform, but the physical danger isn't there.
Police officers, service members, and even firefighters must perform to a high expectation with the caveat of their safety being uncertain. Until you walk a day in the shoes of one of these dangerous professions, please don't feel entitled to comment about their level of stress.

Why isn't air traffic

Why isn't air traffic controller near the top? 

Photojournalism has always seemed pretty stressful to me

What if you get sent to Syria or Rwanda? Or the West Bank? I don't have this job, but I do know that lots and lots of them get sent to these places. Take a look at the pictures they send back, and tell me that this isn't dangerous work. Photojournalists are the ones who document atrocities of all kinds - from the results of garden variety illegal behavior all the way up to police brutality, riots, war crimes. People engaged in these kinds of behavior usually don't want to have their picture taken, do they? Maybe they just take your film away nicely, maybe not. Sure they take these pictures for profit; but if it were me, that would make it way harder. Police officers and firefighters know what they're getting into ahead of time, but I'm not certain that this would be true of a photojournalist. Police officers and firefighters have all the virtue of saving lives (which is real); photojournalists are often assigned to document the loss of life and have no authority or ability to intervene. It must be a pretty helpless feeling sometimes. And all so that someone else can sell a few newspapers. And so that we can see violence and destruction up close and personal. Sometimes this makes the news personal to us, but other times I suspect that our appetite for these images is a bit voyeuristic. Bottom line is that I don't know whether law enforcement or first responders are more stressed out than photojournalists, but I don't think that the question is obvious. I'm a psychologist - one of those people who (I hear) spend all their time making things more complicated than they actually are. Look for my job with the ones that are overrated. (I wouldn't trade it, though.)


Teachers are perhaps the most stressed, underpaid, job holders in the world. They are to be teachers,parents, guidance counsellors, nurses, psychologists, diaper changers,dieticians, baby sitters, and lots more to 20-200 children every day. They are subject to harrassment by parents,supervisors, students, and in today's society, liable to be attacked by weirdos with rifles,knives, and other assault weapons. They are vastly underpaid for the education that is required for the job, and no one I have spoken with is willing to trade jobs with them!

Every job can be stressful so

Every job can be stressful so let's all take a breath. Law Enforcement is not that bad. I agree with another comment that doctors should rank up there, however what does it really matter. We all chose our careers therefore we should all consider and know the risks involved. If you don't like it then change it. 


How do you come up with stress levels? I can't believe police came out number 10. When people run from danger police are running towards the danger. Police officers are always second guessed after making split second decision. Besides the military what profession dictates your personal life. What about taking aways someone's Civil Liberties. I would think that could be stressful. When was the last time one of the other 3-10 professions responded to a man with a gun call with possible victims or a call of someone killing their child. I am I would think that is very stressful. How about being in a vehicle pursuit or foot pursuit of a homicide suspect through a dark alley. 

No social workers? 

No social workers? 

Wall street traders are not on this list? wow

Wall street traders are not on this list? wow

chefs/cooks not even in the list?

I'm completely surprised that chefs or cooks didn't make the list at alp but photojournalism did. After almost twenty years of watching my husband suffer both physically and mentally from the stresses of working as an exec chef for not the greatest pay is certainly a career that should be on this list, along with doctors like my dad or nurses like my aunt.

Stressful, not dangerous.

Photojournalists go into warzones, disaster sites, places of famine, disease, and death. They see a world that we are sheltered from, and they do it at a pretty low pay. Not only do they have to worry about getting the shot they were sent for, but they also have to worry making a tight deadline and about getting their next meal. Yes, police officers put themselves in danger every day they wear their uniform. However, given that median salary, they do not have to worry about feeding their family as much as a PhoJo. Officers are also trained and equipped to protect themselves from threats; journalists are not.As for PR personnel, they don't have to worry about saving lives or seeing terrible images. They just have to deal with an entire companies image. If the companies image is tarnished, sales could plummet and lots of people could lose jobs.Lastly, I'm certain they did assessments of people working in said fields and asked them about their stress levels. I doubt they would just come up with a list of random jobs in which they believe would be stressful. If that is the case, thank police officers for claiming to not be as stressed as reporters and PR personnel.

most stressful jobs

Your research is severely flawed if OR Dr and Rn failed to make your list of the most stressfull jobs!

I find it absolutely

I find it absolutely disgusting and appalling that the job of a photojournalist or news reporter was placed as more stressful than that of a police officer.  The reasoning: because photojournalists are often placed in dangerous situations to take their "for profit" photographs??  I'm relatively certain that police officers are there as well, only their job isn't to take photos for profit- their job is to end the threat, save lives, etc.  I'm also relatively certaint hat public relations personnel aren't subjected to ghastly images of death and destruction, violence and pain, on a near-daily basis... and their lives aren't at risk pretty much every moment of their work day.  But you place police officers at number 10??  Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Interesting. Any chance

Interesting. Any chance you'll die if you don't sell that next blender?

10 most stressfull- why wasn't sales there?

Apparently you have never "sold" for a living.  If you had, it would have been up there in the top 10 most stressful. Never really know where your next sale and piece of income will come fromnot a guaranteed income even if you re on salary because performance is always expected and if it misses a mark, you can often be goneYou have to find potential customers because its rare that they find you.You always have to be up and on your gameNow thats not to say its a bad job but if you go into sales, you must do so eyes open re the above.

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