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Least Stressful Jobs of 2013 - 2. Seamstress/Tailor


Seamstresses and tailors mend clothing to personal specifications. For that reason, they must show a great attention to detail, but have the ability to work creatively every day. Most tailors work in a peaceful atmosphere, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without distraction.








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ive been in the business for

ive been in the business for 17 years. I'm looking into a career change because it is such a high stress buisness. My health, both mental and physical have suffered. Long hours, low pay, and a general unhappy group of people enjoying thier work, but not enjoying the high expectations

Thanks for a great laugh

I work as a seamstress in episodic television for prime time series.  The environment is high pressure, impossible deadlines, unrealistic expectations.  As we were trying to put together the alterations which needed to be on camera within minutes I told the department of your survey.  Thank you for a great laugh.  Come visit us on the set of will not find low stress, but you will find magicians.   


I have been a tailor in my home (portable job) for 35 years.   I've raised four kids, worked, cooked meals, fit customers,....all in the same house.   I love it.   My husband died a year ago.   I could take care of him and work in the same home.   It has been a wonderful occupation for me.   I could also drop everything and go to the schools if the kids needed me.  

You've Got to be Kidding!

Creativity?  Yes.  Self-satisfaction? Yes.  But did they actually interview any real seamstresses that make a sustainable living or did they only talk to hobbyists and people whose income is supplemented by a spouse, parent or other source of income?As a single parent relying on this as my sole source of income, I can tell you there is plenty of stress and long hours.  There is no peaceful atmosphere and lack of disruption when the phone rings up to 35 times a day during wedding and graduation season and there are up to 10 clients a day coming and going.  This is a deadline driven business and 20 hour days are not uncommon.  I do not have an assistant.  Dealing with brides, wedding parties, and graduates who apparently believe theirs are the only gowns I have to deal with is more than a little nerve-racking not to mention dealing with their body issues and self-esteem issues.  They want to miraculously look exactly like the photo-shopped images of 5'11", 115 lb. models when they are in fact 5'2", 140 lbs.  I have it on good authority that hair stylists deal with similar issues to these and get equally frustrated when they cannot meet these impossible expectations.Sewing can be relaxing but ONLY if you are not relying on it to make a living and support a household.

Agreed! Low pay but stress free.

I'm a librarian by profession and I take tailoring and seamstressing commissions a few times a year. I have to admit, this is a very enjoyable job but it requires skill and experience to do well. It's a shame the pay is so pitiful else it might be my full-time job!

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