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Jobs Rated Most and Least Stressful Methodology 2016


Read the Most Stressful Jobs of 2016 report

Read the Least Streasful Jobs of 2016 report


The amount of stress a worker experiences can be predicted, in part, by looking at the typical demands and crises inherent in his or her job. Our ranking system for stress considered 11 different job demands which can reasonably be expected to evoke stress (see list below). Each demand was assigned a range of points.

A high score was awarded if a particular demand was a major part of the job, fewer points were awarded if the demand was a small part of the job, and no points were awarded if that demand was not normally required.

The demands measured and the point ranges assigned to each area are as follows:

  • Travel, amount of 0-10
  • Growth Potential (income divided by 100)
  • Deadlines 0-9
  • Working in the public eye 0-5
  • Competitiveness 0-15
  • Physical demands (stoop, climb, etc.) 0-14
  • Environmental conditions 0-13
  • Hazards encountered 0-5
  • Own life at risk 0-8
  • Life of another at risk 0-10
  • Meeting the public 0-8

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Oh if that was all it was!

Oh if that was all it was! Foget the FIFO - plane travel is in your own time, the constant priority demands in the office backup situations, the regulator requirements which must be met to ensure smooth continuity of business, the cosntant combining of two roles into one, the downsizing without true consultation (saying consultation begins whem you are handed your letter and the decision has already been made), the poorly writen letters which leave you wondering if you are staying or going, the redeployment opportinities which don't exist anyway, the constant stretch targets which seem to grow bigger every time they are issued, the demands for your involvement in copious meeting sunrelated to your core activities, the expectdations to work longer hours by reasonable unpaid overtime which is never quantified, the oftimes encountered incivility in terms of directives and demands;Shall I continue??? Having been a front line police officer, having been shot at, the managemenet view of what occurred when they were not even there and you had to make split second decisions, (and in no way denigrating the risks involved in such work or the selflessness of such officers), I have to state that the stress and cumulative build up of such is much higher in larger organisations such as mining companies where everything seems to be demand demand and to do more with less every day and put up with systems that dont meet the requirements because no one wanted to listen to your margin maintaining, have cut into the bone, people certainly start to bleed. Banks who seem to think they have some almighty right to more profit than any other regardless of the economic climate, who encourage loans at crazy rates even when you cant pay, who don't do anything about credit card rates and push you onto them rather than a personal loan, who claim to be compassionate , but quickly foreclose - the stress levels they are very clearly directly and indirectly linked to in society must figure in there somewhere 

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