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7 Jobs Where You Might Meet a Mate

7 Jobs Where You Might Get Lucky and Meet a Mate By

Let’s face it: There simply isn’t a better place to meet that bright-eyed love of your life than the place where you spend most of your waking hours: at work. And as a general rule, being at work is a time when you’re showered (hopefully), you’ve already dressed to impress and you’re ready to make a good impression. What other daily event is there where you go the full nine yards to look good other than for work?

The result is that workplace dating, and even finding love at work, can truly be everything you hope. To boost your chances to find love, it also helps if you have a job where you interact with lots of people. That means that some jobs are much better than others for meeting a mate.

Let’s take a look at some great jobs to potentially meet your future spouse:


  • Hotel Guest Service Agent

    There’s nothing like offering good hospitality that can lead you to finding your soul mate. While working in a hotel, you’ll be exposed to many single professionals who may be there for business. You can easily assess who’s who via check-ins and get a chance to check out your potential mate. If they need any help, you can assist and make them feel comfortable. It’s your job to make their stay a good one, and they’ll certainly take notice of your extra attention.

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