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What The First Jobs Report of 2016 Says About The New Year


Despite employment gains below projections, U.S. unemployment through January 2016 is below 5% for the first time since the great recession began in 2008. The first Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs report of 2016 has some other interesting information, as well.

A Reuters poll of economists projected January growth around 190,000. The reported 151,000 fell below that mark, but comfortably exceeded the 100,000 barrier Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said in December were necessary each month of 2016. to stay on pace with the working-age population.

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Reach for the Stars: Jobs to Work With Celebrities


Dream of spending your workday basking in the glow of stars? Perhaps you wanted to work with or near celebrities, without being in the spotlight yourself. Get close to celebrities with a career in child or animal care, fundraising or public relations.

The possibilities for working in proximity to celebrities span a diverse spectrum of careers. Some have direct involvement with celebrities themselves, and their work.

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How to Answer: “How Much Do You Want?”

How to Answer: “How Much Money Do You Want?”

By: Martin Yate, CPC

Ask for too much and you might not get an offer; ask for too little and you could be kicking yourself for years. Under-negotiating your salary today has an impact on your lifetime earnings, because all future raises will be based on a lower starting point.

Fortunately, the correct answer can be found with a little research and a simple negotiation strategy.

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A Morning Routine Sets The Tone For A Work Day

Don't reach for the snooze. Get the right start to your work day.


Everyone among us has heard the phrase: “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

This colloquialism crystallizes a feeling we all have sometime. To wake up on the wrong side of the bed is to spend the day in a funk that was destined from the start. Of course, there are factors out of our control that can ruin a day. Bad news happens. But plenty of ruts are self-perpetuated.

You Snooze, You Lose

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For Employment Growth, Look to the Jobs Rated Report


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' July 2015 numbers were released on Aug. 7, and the data confirms what readers of the Jobs Rated report already know: IT and healthcare are the backbone of the ongoing economic recovery. 

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Listening Goes A Long Way in the Job Hunt

By: Wendy Gelberg

Much of the time when we think about looking for a job, we think about those situations that require good conversational skills, such as interviews or networking encounters.

As a result, job seekers spend a lot of time formulating and practicing effective answers and conversation starters and, of course, crafting a succinct yet powerful 30-second "elevator pitch." (At least, that's what career experts hope job seekers do.)

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