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Branding in a Time of Reinvention

By: Barbara Safani

March 4, 2009

I recently spoke to job seekers about career branding, which essentially means creating a clear and compelling message of value that you can present to employers in multiple ways. In these challenging times, when the economy dictates that many people reinvent themselves, the concept of career branding is more important than ever. People often get stuck in a strategy that relies on explaining what they have done in the past, rather than focusing on how past successes can contribute to future success in a new role and company. It's important to step away from identifying yourself too closely with your past job title, and instead move towards a platform that links your competencies with the problems employers are facing today...

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Face Time With a Busy Boss

By: Anita Bruzzese

March 3, 2009

While many people think that never seeing the boss might be a good thing, those who have a manager that rivals the Stealth Bomber know differently.Those who don't get regular face time with the boss are often the most vulnerable, especially in these tough times. The last thing you want to happen is for you -- and your past accomplishments and daily contributions -- to be forgotten by your boss. If you're not on a manager's radar screen, you risk being closed out of top projects, being passed over for promotions or great opportunities -- or even being laid off.But how to get the attention of managers who may have the attention span of a 5-year-old as they race off to another meeting or seem like a phone is permanently attached to their ear?

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Is Fear Driving Your Career?

By: Liz Lynch

February 28, 2009

When times are tough, self-preservation instincts can kick in and we may act in ways to hold onto what we have rather than take any kind of risk to move forward. Yet sometimes staying in place can be the riskiest (non-)move of all.What you may not realize is that while you're working to maintain your position, you can also be engaging in the single most important activity that can lower your overall career risk and increase your career options: NETWORKING.How? By investing time in building and maintaining strong relationships, you'll find that your network can alert you to job opportunities they might hear about through the grapevine...

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Don't Be a Slave to Your Job Search

By: Leonard Lang

February 27, 2009

If you're thinking of a new job or have new career ideas, or if your company may force you to think of a new job or career, now is certainly the time to get ready, not after you're already out of work. But once you're out of work, how should you spend your time? Many people say spend at least 40 hours a week on your job search-after all, it's your new full time job.If you can find 40 hours of productive work, and it's not wearing you out to the point you're headed for an illness or exhausted presentation at your next interview-then that's fine. In the first weeks of unemployment you probably need to spend that much time on your job search...

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Do You Work Like a Flashlight or a Laser?

By: Ben Eubanks

February 26, 2009

Today, I'm a flashlight. No, I don't give off light and have batteries stuffed who-knows-where. I am demonstrating the qualities of a flashlight in the way that I work. It's actually a simple concept to grasp. A flashlight emits a wide, dim beam that illuminates a large area, but doesn't do much else. A laser is a tightly focused beam that can be used as a signal or a tool for precise work. (By the way, why do we let children have small, handheld devices that can sear their corneas irreparably? Not the best idea for a toy.)I had to ask myself that question after seeing how my day went. I got to work early, because I had a lot of things to take care of. However, instead of getting the things done that I had planned, I did a little of this and a little of that, frittering away my time until I ended up spending most of my day planning to get started on something else...

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10 Ways to Make Your Resume Fail

By: Rebecca Metschke

February 25, 2009

Want to make sure your resume gets passed over? Keep in mind the pointers below as you're reviewing it. Unless the hiring manager is exceptionally bored and has nothing better to do when she gets to yours, you'll have a good chance of succeeding!1. Lead with an objective statement. Make sure it's generic and bland. Better yet, make it an objective statement that doesn't really match the job in question.2. Use a functional format. While it's commonly assumed that most hiring managers are frustrated detectives who enjoy nothing more than having to dig deep to make sense out of your work history, this is actually a myth...

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